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People are interested in vinyl again and we have original vinyl records from the LP and 45 era. These are not recent re-makes, but stock that has been sitting in our warehouse for 20 years. They are all new and the LPs come in the original shrink wrap.

These LPs were discontinued years ago and we have limited quantities. They are available on a first come, first serve basis and the prices are subject to change without notice. Get 'em while you can!

We are scanning them as fast as we can, but some do not yet have images. Please note that if there is an image up, you can view the front and the back with all the song titles and information.

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Austrian Folk Music II Western Provinces - Various Artists

CAT. #: LP3003

Price: $20.00

Austrian Folk Music Vol.1 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LP3001

Price: $35.00

Early Cante Flamenco Vol. 2 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9039

Price: $20.00

Eknath Easwaran - Meditation

CAT. #: LP9001

Price: $20.00

Franco-Creole Biguines From Martinique (1928-40) - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9050

Price: $35.00

Greek-Oriental Songs & Dances 1928-1934 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9033

Price: $20.00

Irish-American Songs & Dance Music 1920s - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9010

Price: $20.00

Joseph Spence - Good Morning Mr. Walker (from Mississippi Records)

CAT. #: LPMR044

Price: $20.00

Kalama's Quartette - Early Hawaiian Classics

CAT. #: LPFL9022

Price: $20.00

Klezmer Music First Recordings - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9034

Price: $35.00

Miriam Dvorin - Grandma Soup Yiddish Songs

CAT. #: LP3019

Price: $14.99

Music Of Peru - Your Struggle Is Your Glory - Various Artists

CAT. #: LP3025

Price: $14.98

Polish-American Dance Music - The Early Recordings: 1927-1933 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9026

Price: $20.00

Sexteto Habanero Sones Cubanos Vol 2 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9054

Price: $35.00

Texas Czech-Bohemian Bands Early Recordings 1928-1953 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9031

Price: $35.00

The Klezmorim - East Side Wedding

CAT. #: LP3006

Price: $35.00

The Klezmorim - Streets Of Gold

CAT. #: LP3011

Price: $14.98

Ukrainian-American Fiddle & Dance Music - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9014

Price: $14.98

Ukrainian-American Fiddle & Dance Music Il - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9015

Price: $20.00

Wilmoth Houdini: 1930s Calypso From Trinidad

CAT. #: LPFL9040

Price: $35.00