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Early Cante Flamenco - Various Artists

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CD 326

Historic vocal recordings from the early 1930s of Spain's most famous Flamenco singers with guitar accompani-ment by Paco Aguilera, Melchor de Marchena, Niño Ricardo or Niño Perez on guitar.

All of Folklyric 9001 and six from 9039.

1. Bulerias - Antonio Mairena
2. Cantes De Tomas Pavon - Tomas Pavon
3. Bulerias - Tomas Pavon
4. Solea De Alcala - Antonio Mairena
5. Saeta Por Mortinete - Pepe Pinto
6. Cantes De Triana - Tomas Pavon
7. Soleares - Tomas Pavon
8. Alegrias - Antonio Mairena
9. Seguiriyas - Antonio Mairena
10. Martinete Y Debla - Tomas Pavon
11. Soleares De Serneta - Tomas Pavon
12. Aquellos Fandangos - Pepe Pinto
13. Bulerias - Manolita De Jerez
14. Soleares - Manolita De Jerez
15. Fandangos - Nina De Los Peines & Pepe Pinto
16. Media Granadina - Manuel Vallejo
17. De Haber Llorado Por Ti - Manolo Caracol
18. La Sentencia - Manolo Caracol
19. Mi Capona - Pepe Pinto
20. Hemanita,Sientate A Mi Vera Cuando Quera La Virgen Del Mayor Dolor - Pepe Pinto
21. Porque El Querer Da Experincia - Manuel Vallejo
22. Ahorta Te Vas Y Me Dejas - Nina De Los Peines


“a glimpse of the greatest singers to record the music of the Andalusian Gypsies in the 30’s. This is potent, emotive music.”

(Kerry Blech — Victory Review)

“Some of the earliest recordings by figures who dominated the first half of the 20th century: Pastora Pavon a.k.a. ‘La Niña de Los Peines,’ her younger brother Tomas Pavon, Manuel Vallejo, one of the first non-gypsy singers hailed as a king; and the great voice of the flamboyant Manolo Caracol.”

(World Music — The Rough Guide)