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Viola McCoy - & Julia Moody Vol. 3 1926-1929 and 1922-1925

CAT. #: CDDOC5418


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5418

Vasallos del Sol - Canto de Sirenas

CAT. #: CDPAN165


Pan CD 165 Music from 9 Provinces of Venezuela and 12 distinct musical genres Pan Records is an excellent world music label from the Netherlands. We have... More

Various Artists Preachers and Congregations - Vol. 7

CAT. #: CDDOC5567


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5567 1925-1928

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 7 S/T/V/W

CAT. #: CDDOC5543


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5543 1925-1944, Sparkling 4 4-tet, T.C.I. WomenÂ’s 4, Tindley Quaker City Gospel Singers, Virginia 4, WashingtonÂ’t... More

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 6 S

CAT. #: CDDOC5542


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5542 1926-1944, St. MarkÂ’s Chanters, Senior Chapel 4-tet, Silver Echo 4-tet, S. Carolina 4-tet, The Southern Wonders

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 5 M/N/O/R

CAT. #: CDDOC5541


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5541 1924-1928, Missouri-Pacific Diamond Jubilee 4-tet, Mt. Zion Baptist 4-tet, The Novelty 4 4-tet, Old Time Jubilee... More

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 3 G

CAT. #: CDDOC5539


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5539 1927-1936, Gold Star 4-tet, Golden Echo 4-tet, Golden leaf 4-tet

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 2 D/E/F

CAT. #: CDDOC5538


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5538 1929-1932, Delta Big Four, Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham, Empire Jubilee 4-tet, Golden Crown 4-tet, Four... More

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 1 A/B/C

CAT. #: CDDOC5537


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5537 1928-1940, Alabama Harmonizers, Bethel 4-tet, Morris Brown 4-tet, William BlevinÂ’s 4-tet, Cornfed Four

Various Artists - Vocal Blues & Jazz, Vol. 3

CAT. #: CDDOC1015


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC1015 1921-1928, Juanita Stinette Chappelle, Eddie Gray, Georgia Harvey, Nettie Moore, & more

Various Artists - Vocal Blues & Jazz, Vol. 2

CAT. #: CDDOC1012


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC1012 Ethel Waters, Lillian Harris, Lizzie Miles (1921-1938)

Various Artists - Vocal Blues & Jazz

CAT. #: CDDOC1004


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC1004 1921-1930, Alberta Jones, Inez Richardson, Kitty Irvin & Alma Henderson

Various Artists - TrinkÂ’n ma noch a Flascherl

CAT. #: CDDOC3017


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC3017 Viennese folk singers (1903-1914)

Various Artists - Too Late, Too Late Blues, Vol.3

CAT. #: CDDOC5276


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5276 More newly discovered titles and alternate takes.

Various Artists - Too Late, Too Late - Vol.9, 1922-1945

CAT. #: CDDOC5590


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5590 More Newly Discovered Titles & Alternative Takes.

Various Artists - Too Late, Too Late - Vol.7, 1927-1955

CAT. #: CDDOC5525


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5525 More Newly Discovered Titles and Alternate Takes

Various Artists - Too Late, Too Late - Vol.6

CAT. #: CDDOC5461


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5461 Rev. Gates, Josh White, Leadbelly etc.

Various Artists - Too Late, Too Late - Vol.2, 1897-1935

CAT. #: CDDOC5216


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5216 Jim Jackson, Blind Blake, Charley Patton, Lonnie Johnson, etc

Various Artists - The Earliest Negro Vocal Groups, Vol.5

CAT. #: CDDOC5613


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5613 1911-1926, Fisk University Jubilee Singers, The Southern 4, Manhattan Harmony Four, & Morehouse College Quartet

Various Artists - The Earliest Black String Bands, Vol. 3, The Versatile Three/Four

CAT. #: CDDOC5624


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5624 1919-1920