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Zumbayllu - Amalaya

CAT. #: CDPAN189


Pan CD 189 Based on various traditions, the duo Zumbayllu takes the listener for a musical journey through Bolivia and part of Peru. Zumbayllu is the... More

Zipflo Weinrich Group - DigginÂ’ Thru Jazz

CAT. #: CDDOC7007


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7007 Brilliant jazz fiddle player

WoodÂ’s Famous Blind Jubilee Singers & - Cotton Belt Quartet 1925 & 1931

CAT. #: CDDOC5439


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5439

Wiseman Sextet/Quartet

CAT. #: CDDOC5520


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5520 1923

Windkracht Acht - Op De Wilde Vaart

CAT. #: CDPAN148


Pan CD 148 Sailor songs, shanties and forebitters (most in English language, with a few in French, Swedish, and Dutch) and instrumental tunes associated... More

Walter Roland - Vol. 2

CAT. #: CDDOC5145


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5145 1934-1935

Walter Davis - Vol. 4

CAT. #: CDDOC5284


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5284 1938-1939


CAT. #: CDPAN145


Pan CD 145 Compilation with many new recordings of 20-year existing Hungarian traditional group Vizonto. 60 min. Pan Records is an excellent world music... More

Viti Levu - The Multi-Cultural Heart of Fiji

CAT. #: CDPAN2096


Pan CD 2096 The multi-cultural heart of Fiji Pan Records is an excellent world music label from the Netherlands. We have a few of their CDs left in our... More

Viryavakay - Oh mother, protectress of the forest! songs and melodies of the Mordva. - Various Artist

CAT. #: CDPAN2035


Pan CD 2035 This CD features the musical art of the Mordvin peasants in the Volga region of Central Russia. Many of the Mordva dance tunes on this CD... More

Virginia Liston - Vol. 2 & Lavinia Turner

CAT. #: CDDOC5447


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5447 1921-1922

Viola McCoy - Vol. 2 1924-1926

CAT. #: CDDOC5417


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5417

Viola McCoy - Vol. 1 1923

CAT. #: CDDOC5416


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5416

Viola McCoy - & Julia Moody Vol. 3 1926-1929 and 1922-1925

CAT. #: CDDOC5418


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5418

Various Artists Preachers and Congregations - Vol. 7

CAT. #: CDDOC5567


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5567 1925-1928

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 7 S/T/V/W

CAT. #: CDDOC5543


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5543 1925-1944, Sparkling 4 4-tet, T.C.I. WomenÂ’s 4, Tindley Quaker City Gospel Singers, Virginia 4, WashingtonÂ’t... More

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 6 S

CAT. #: CDDOC5542


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5542 1926-1944, St. MarkÂ’s Chanters, Senior Chapel 4-tet, Silver Echo 4-tet, S. Carolina 4-tet, The Southern Wonders

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 5 M/N/O/R

CAT. #: CDDOC5541


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5541 1924-1928, Missouri-Pacific Diamond Jubilee 4-tet, Mt. Zion Baptist 4-tet, The Novelty 4 4-tet, Old Time Jubilee... More

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 3 G

CAT. #: CDDOC5539


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5539 1927-1936, Gold Star 4-tet, Golden Echo 4-tet, Golden leaf 4-tet

Various Artists - Vocal Quartets, Vol. 2 D/E/F

CAT. #: CDDOC5538


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5538 1929-1932, Delta Big Four, Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham, Empire Jubilee 4-tet, Golden Crown 4-tet, Four... More