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Tony De La Rosa - The Complete Discos Ideal Recordings, Volume 1

CAT. #: 8006

Available only as a Digital Download.

Digital Download # 8006

This album is available only as a digital download and is not available on CD. You can download a single song or the entire album from any of the major download services, but for your convenience we offer links to iTunes and Amazon.

Please note that many of these are from the original 78 RPM records and are of varying sound quality.

1. La Chispa
2. El Payste
3. La Chismosa
4. La Grulla
5. Borrachitos Del 53
6. Sarita
7. Grand Prize
8. Me Traes Apasionada
9. El Sube y Baja
10. Nomas Otro Shottis
11. La Monita
12. La Tijera
13. Como un Arbolito
14. Reina de los Amores

The Complete Discos Ideal Recordings series will issue all the available recordings made by the artist on the Discos Ideal record label.