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Tejano Roots - The Women - Various Artists

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CD 343

In 1946 the sister duo of Carmen and Laura from Alice, Texas, accompanied by the best Tejano conjuntos and orquestas of the time, like Conjunto Bernal, Narciso Martínez, and Beto Villa, became the first women stars for Ideal Records when the label, under the able direction of Armando Marroquín, began recording local Tejano artists. Until the 1940s Lydia Mendoza was the only female star of Tejano music. Her voice and repertoire appealed to every strata of Spanish speaking society throughout the Americas. On this CD you hear Carmen and Laura, Lydia, her sisters Maria and Juanita, as well as most of the other pioneer Tejana singers ranging from the pure country-style rancheras of the Guerrero Sisters to the sophisticated boleros of Chelo Silva and Rosita Fernández. A 28-page booklet with detailed information, photos, and song lyrics is enclosed with each CD.

1. Que Cobarde - Carmen Y Laura
2. Angel Mio - Carmen Y Laura
3. Se Me Fue Mi Amor - Carmen Y Laura
4. Perdon Mujer - Las Abajenas
5. Ya No Quiero Que Me Quieras - Las Abajenas
6. Amor Pendiente - Hermanas Fraga
7. Mi Fracaso - Rosita Fernandez
8. Tienes Otros Amores - Hermanas Segovia
9. No Quiero Esperar - Hermanas Segovia
10. Contestacion A Mi Cafetal - Delia Y Laura
11. La Traidora - Rosita Y Laura
12. Esperando - Rosita Y Laura
13. La Que Sea - Hermanas Cantu
14. Rama Seca - Hermanas Guerrero
15. La Casada - Hermanas Guerrero
16. Carta De Luto - Maria Luisa Guerrero
17. Si Acaso Vuelves - Chelo Silva
18. Adios Angelita Rivas - Las Rancheritas
19. Le Falta Un Clavo A Mi Cruz - Las Rancheritas
20. Aunque Me Odies - Lydia Mendoza
21. Puentes Quemados - Hermanas Mendoza
22. Amor Bonito - Lydia Mendoza


“This vibrant collection showcases the women of classic Tejano music, a distinctive Mexican style, originating in the late '40s in Texas. This music is typified by duet singing (often sisters). We hear the close harmonies of Carmen & Laura, and the nice addition of brass on 'Amor Pendiente' by Las Hermanas Fraga. The bold articulation and passion of Lydia Mendoza is not to be missed. All recordings date from '45 to '64 and sound like new! Fantastic liner notes provide bio-sketches, Spanish and English lyrics, and historical notes illuminating the Hispanic society in which these women musicians lived.”

(Maureen Jackson — Victory Review)