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Oscar Chavez - En Vivo Auditorio Nacional 23 de septiembre 2000

CAT. #: CDPEN450


Pentagrama Records, imported from Mexico. We have a few of these left in the warehouse. Get them while we still have them!

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Oscar Chavez - en Juchitan

CAT. #: CDPEN294


Pentagrama Records, imported from Mexico. We have a few of these left in the warehouse. Get them while we still have them!

Oscar Chavez - Canciones de Vicente Garrido

CAT. #: CDPEN322


Pentagrama Records, imported from Mexico. We have a few of these left in the warehouse. Get them while we still have them!

Orquestas Tipicas - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7017


CD 7017 These Mexican and Mexican American orchestras range in size from clarinet or violin-led trios to 10 or 15 piece bands. The popular dance... More

Orquestas Tejanas - Various Artists

CAT. #: 368


CD 368 Original recordings were produced b Armando Marroquin between 1947 and 1960 for IDEAL Records. Re-issue produced by Chris Strachwitz. 1. Las... More

Orquestas De Cuerdas - The String Bands - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7018


CD 7018 The Orquesta de Cuerda was a "downhome" string band variation of the Orquesta Típica. These string bands appealed more to rural... More

Norteno & Tejano Accordion Pioneers - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7016


CD 7016 “Mexican American Border Music Vol. III: In south Texas and the border region accordion music was the music of country folk, ranch... More

Narciso Martinez - The Complete Discos Ideal Recordings, Volume 1

CAT. #: 8001

Available only as a Digital Download.

Digital Download # 8001 This album is available only as a digital download and is not available on CD . You can download a single song or the entire... More

Narciso Martinez - Father Of The Texas-Mexican Conjunto

CAT. #: 361


CD 361 1.Muchachos Alegres ‚ (3:05) 2.La Chulada ‚ (2:41) 3.Vidita Mía ‚ (2:47) 4.Saludamos A Texas ‚ (2:23) 5.Amor De Madre ‚ (2:25) 6.Del... More

Mexican-American Border Music - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7001


CD 7001 Historic performances (1928-1964) by pioneer Mexican-American recording artists. These singers and musicians (accordionists, fiddlers,... More

Maya Y Cantu - El Primero Conjunto Norteno Famoso

CAT. #: 9013


CD 9013 Jesus Maya and Timoteo Cantú were in all probability the first widely popular and famous dueto norteño along the Texas Mexican... More

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan - Their First Recordings: 1937-1947

CAT. #: 7015


CD 7015 Today mariachi music has become the national musical symbol of Mexico. Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, founded almost 100 years ago,... More

Mariachi Tapatio de Jose Marmolejo - Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis - Vol.2

CAT. #: 7012


CD 7012 "Mariachi Tapatio played a crucial role in the evolution of mariachi music.  In the 1930s and 1940s, Tapatio was the urban mariachi... More

Mariachi los Gavilanes de Oakland - Corrido Del Mono

CAT. #: 9050


CD 9050 Mariachi los Gavilanes [Hawks] de Oakland were a San Francisco Bay Area institution since before 1992, when they were first released by... More

Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo - Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis - Vol.1 (1926 - 1936)

CAT. #: 7011


CD 7011 Cirilo Marmolejo - vocals and guitarrón with his mariachi. The Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo arrived in Mexico City in 1920... More

Lydia Mendoza - Vida Mia

CAT. #: 7008


CD 7008 Known as the “Songstress of the Poor”, Lydia Mendoza captivated and inspired her fellow Tejanos of south Texas with her songs of... More

Lydia Mendoza - The Best of Lydia Mendoza

CAT. #: 536


  CD 536 Lydia Mendoza was the first Queen of Tejano Music, with a recording career that began in 1928 and lasted more than 60 years. Known as... More

Lydia Mendoza - Mal Hombre

CAT. #: 7002


CD 7002 Lydia Mendoza - vocals and 12-string guitar. Includes four selections recorded by Cuarteto Carta Blanca in 1928, the first recordings by the... More

Lydia Mendoza - La Gloria De Texas

CAT. #: 3012


CD 3012 Lydia Mendoza - vocals and 12-string guitar. Lydia Mendoza, the number one pioneer Tejano recording star and the most remarkable and... More

Lydia Mendoza - La Alondra De La Frontera Con Orquesta Falcon

CAT. #: 513


CD 513 Lydia Mendoza, the great, legendary First Star of Tejano Music, The Meadowlark of the Border, The Songstress of the Poor, started her... More