LPs - Mexican Regional / Tejano

People are interested in vinyl again and we have original vinyl records from the LP and 45 era. These are not recent re-makes, but stock that has been sitting in our warehouse for 20 years. They are all new and the LPs come in the original shrink wrap.

These LPs were discontinued years ago and we have limited quantities. They are available on a first come, first serve basis and the prices are subject to change without notice. Get 'em while you can!

We are scanning them as fast as we can, but some do not yet have images. Please note that if there is an image up, you can view the front and the back with all the song titles and information.

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Music Of Mexico Vol. 2 Sones Huastecos - Los Caporales de Panuco

CAT. #: LP3009

Price: $20.00

Narciso Martinez Vol. 2 - Father Of Tex-Mex Conjunto

CAT. #: LPFL9055

Price: $20.00

Norteno Accordion 1 Tex-Mex Vol. 4 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9006

Price: $20.00

Norteno Accordion II Tex-Mex Vol. 12 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9019

Price: $20.00

Norteno Accordion III Tex-Mex Vol. 13 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9020

Price: $20.00

Santiago Jimenez - Con Flaco Jimenez y Juan Viesca

CAT. #: LP3013

Price: $35.00

Santiago Jimenez - Santiago Strikes Again

CAT. #: LP3020

Price: $20.00

Santiago Jimenez Jr. - El Mero, Mero

CAT. #: LP3016

Price: $35.00

Steve Jordan - El Corrido de Jhonny el Pachuco

CAT. #: LP3023

Price: $14.98

Tex-Mex Vol.5 The String Bands - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9007

Price: $14.98

The Mexican Revolution (4 LP Box - Tex-Mex Vol. 20-23) - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9041-4

Price: $30.00

The Tex-Mex Conjunto Tex-Mex Vol. 24 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9049

Price: $20.00