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Norteno & Tejano Accordion Pioneers - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7016


CD 7016 “Mexican American Border Music Vol. III: In south Texas and the border region accordion music was the music of country folk, ranch... More

Narciso Martinez - Father Of The Texas-Mexican Conjunto

CAT. #: 361


CD 361 1.Muchachos Alegres ‚ (3:05) 2.La Chulada ‚ (2:41) 3.Vidita Mía ‚ (2:47) 4.Saludamos A Texas ‚ (2:23) 5.Amor De Madre ‚ (2:25) 6.Del... More

Mexican-American Border Music - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7001


CD 7001 Historic performances (1928-1964) by pioneer Mexican-American recording artists. These singers and musicians (accordionists, fiddlers,... More

Maya Y Cantu - El Primero Conjunto Norteno Famoso

CAT. #: 9013


CD 9013 Jesus Maya and Timoteo Cantú were in all probability the first widely popular and famous dueto norteño along the Texas Mexican... More

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan - Their First Recordings: 1937-1947

CAT. #: 7015


CD 7015 Today mariachi music has become the national musical symbol of Mexico. Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, founded almost 100 years ago,... More

Mariachi Tapatio de Jose Marmolejo - Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis - Vol.2

CAT. #: 7012


CD 7012 "Mariachi Tapatio played a crucial role in the evolution of mariachi music.  In the 1930s and 1940s, Tapatio was the urban mariachi... More

Mariachi los Gavilanes de Oakland - Corrido Del Mono

CAT. #: 9050


CD 9050 Mariachi los Gavilanes [Hawks] de Oakland were a San Francisco Bay Area institution since before 1992, when they were first released by... More

Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo - Mexico's Pioneer Mariachis - Vol.1 (1926 - 1936)

CAT. #: 7011


CD 7011 Cirilo Marmolejo - vocals and guitarrón with his mariachi. The Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo arrived in Mexico City in 1920... More

Lydia Mendoza - Vida Mia

CAT. #: 7008


CD 7008 Known as the “Songstress of the Poor”, Lydia Mendoza captivated and inspired her fellow Tejanos of south Texas with her songs of... More

Lydia Mendoza - The Best of Lydia Mendoza

CAT. #: 536


  CD 536 Lydia Mendoza was the first Queen of Tejano Music, with a recording career that began in 1928 and lasted more than 60 years. Known as... More

Lydia Mendoza - Mal Hombre

CAT. #: 7002


CD 7002 Lydia Mendoza - vocals and 12-string guitar. Includes four selections recorded by Cuarteto Carta Blanca in 1928, the first recordings by the... More

Lydia Mendoza - La Gloria De Texas

CAT. #: 3012


CD 3012 Lydia Mendoza - vocals and 12-string guitar. Lydia Mendoza, the number one pioneer Tejano recording star and the most remarkable and... More

Lydia Mendoza - La Alondra De La Frontera Con Orquesta Falcon

CAT. #: 513


CD 513 Lydia Mendoza, the great, legendary First Star of Tejano Music, The Meadowlark of the Border, The Songstress of the Poor, started her... More

Lydia Mendoza - La Alondra De La Frontera - Live!

CAT. #: 490


CD 490 Lydia Mendoza has been the most enduring and widely loved female singer-guitarist in the Mexican music tradition on both sides of the... More

Los Pinguinos del Norte - Corridos De La Frontera

CAT. #: 9051


CD 9051 Recorded live at cantina El Patio in Piedras Negras, Coah. in the 1970s. Although thirty years old, this is the only live recording ever made... More

Los Montaneses Del Alamo - Primer Grabaciones: 1940-1950, First Recordings

CAT. #: 7021


CD 7021 Historic first recordings of orquesta tipica/norteño pioneers Los Montañeses Del Alamo from northern Mexico. Classic... More

Los Madrugadores - 1931-1937

CAT. #: 7035


CD 7035 Los Madrugadores was the Number One group in Mexican-American Music in the 1930's. They were the first big stars of Mexican‚American... More

Los Cenzontles - De Una Bonita

CAT. #: 444


CD 444 . 1. Como Le Hare 2. La Mentira 3. La Guanabana 4. El Canoero 5. De Una Bonita 6. La Morena 7. Volando En Los Cafetales 8. Y Tu, Que Me... More

Los Cenzontles - Con Su Permiso, Senores

CAT. #: 435


CD 435 . 1.El Corrido del Maiz Caro (corrido) (2:17) 2.Perita en Dulce (ranchera) (2:30) 3.Yo Ya Me Voy (ranchera) (2:53) 4.La Sarna (son jarocho) (4:04)... More

Los Campesinos De Michoacan - De Salvador Baldovinos

CAT. #: 9035


CD 9035 The music of the Michoacan Hotlands (Tierra Caliente) uses a variety of string instruments, harp, and voices to create a music that is... More