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Valerio Longoria - Texas Conjunto Pioneer

CAT. #: 358


CD 358 1. Vieja Escalera 2. Pasa Tiempo 3. La Filomena 4. Si Tu Te Vas 5. Los Desenganos 6. Yo Te Quiero A Ti 7. Amor Con Interes 8. Amor De... More

Valerio Longoria - Caballo Viejo

CAT. #: 336


CD 336 Valerio Longoria - accordion & vocals, and his conjunto. 1. Me Vas A Olvidar 2. El Canoero 3. Pa' Que Me Sirve La Vida 4. Por... More

Trio San Antonio - Trio San Antonio

CAT. #: 9052


CD 9052 Pioneer Conjunto/Norteno artists, Fred Zimmerle's Trio San Antonio, bring you some of the best, soulful, honest, fierce, and energetic... More

The Soulful Women Duets Of South Texas - Various Artists

CAT. #: 486


CD 486 With the Mexican diaspora throughout the American southwest and beyond, women duets became as popular as their male equivalents, especially... More

The Roots of the NarcoCorrido - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7053


CD 7053 1.El Corrido De Heraclio Bernal (ca. 1888) sung by Dueto Adan & Eva with Mariachi Guadalajara 2.Mariano Resendez (ca. 1890) sung by Timoteo... More

The Mexican Revolution - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7041


Corridos about the Heroes and Events, 1910-1920 and Beyond!
4 CD set with 180 page book

The Mexican Revolution had a profound effect on every aspect of Mexican life and culture. This four CD set of historic corridos (ballads) provides a comprehensive overview of the events and key figures of the Mexican Revolution during this pivotal time in the Mexican Republic as sung by popular singers who recorded these renditions between 1904 and 1974 in both the United States and Mexico. 

The Devils Swing (El Columpio Del Diablo) - Various Artists

CAT. #: 480


CD 480 Where the Río Grande and the Río Conchos join, rests a remote oasis in a mountainous desert wilderness of awesome austerity.... More

Tejano Roots - Various Artists

CAT. #: 341


CD 341 From the heart of South Texas, 24 regional juke box hits from IDEAL Records, the first major Tejano owned and operated recording company (1946... More

Tejano Roots - The Women - Various Artists

CAT. #: 343


CD 343 In 1946 the sister duo of Carmen and Laura from Alice, Texas, accompanied by the best Tejano conjuntos and orquestas of the time, like... More

South Texas Polka Party! - Various Artists

CAT. #: 9005


CD 9005 Featuring the greatest Tejano Accordion players: Paulino Bernal, Narciso Martínez, Tony De La Rosa, Ricardo Guzmán, Juan... More

Santiago Jimenez, Jr. - Purely Instrumental

CAT. #: 466


CD 466 A contemporary recording of Santiago Jiménez Jr. one of the most popular traditional conjunto style accordionists in Texas today.... More

Santiago Jimenez, Jr. - El Mero, Mero De San Antonio

CAT. #: 317


CD 317 Santiago Jimenez - accordion & vocals with Juan García - bajo sexto and Juan Viesca - bass. The best of ARH LPs 3016, 3020 + 6... More

Santiago Jimenez, Jr. - El Corrido De Esequiel Hernendez

CAT. #: 9016


CD 9016 Santiago Jiménez Jr. - accordion & lead vocal, Victor Mermea - bajo sexto & second voice, Rufus MartÌnez -... More

San Antonio's Conjuntos In The 1950s - Various Artists

CAT. #: 376


CD 376 Reissue of 78s recorded for Jaime Wolf's RIO label in the late 1940s and early 50s. Includes 24-page booklet with notes, song transcriptions... More

Rumel Fuentes - Corridos of the Chicano Movement

CAT. #: 507


CD 507 Rumel Fuentes was a devoted activist, composer, and singer for the Chicano Movement during the late 1960s and early 1970s. His home was in... More

Raul "El Ruco" Martinez - Dueto Alegre

CAT. #: 9029


CD 9029 Raul "El Ruco" Martínez and his Dueto Alegre were among the pioneers of the accordion-based norteño sound. A nephew of the... More

Pachuco Boogie - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7040


CD 7040 The original recordings of hip, swinging, Latin music from the southwest of the 1940's! During and after World War II a new sound and a new... More

Orquestas Tipicas - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7017


CD 7017 These Mexican and Mexican American orchestras range in size from clarinet or violin-led trios to 10 or 15 piece bands. The popular dance... More

Orquestas Tejanas - Various Artists

CAT. #: 368


CD 368 Original recordings were produced b Armando Marroquin between 1947 and 1960 for IDEAL Records. Re-issue produced by Chris Strachwitz. 1. Las... More

Orquestas De Cuerdas - The String Bands - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7018


CD 7018 The Orquesta de Cuerda was a "downhome" string band variation of the Orquesta Típica. These string bands appealed more to rural... More