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Jose "El Patrullero" Moreno - El Fidelero Del Valle

CAT. #: 9014

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CD 9014

José Moreno - fiddle, mandolin; Mark Rubin - bass; Amado Banda - bajo sexto.

The music of José Moreno harks back to a time over a hundred years ago, to the turn of the last century , to the late 1800s when just a fiddle, guitar, mandolin, and perhaps a string bass made up an "orquesta tipica" or "conjunto regional" along the lower Rio Grande Valley (El Valle).

José Moreno is highly regarded along the border and has been recognized as one of the true interpreters of traditional Tejano/Mexican music from that region. He wants to be remembered simply for "mi musica" (my music) and is to be commended for his willingness to share his talent freely with those around him ‚ all for the simple joy of watching people dance and rejoice.

1. Rosa Elvia (polka)
2. Maria Bonita (vals)
3. Bailando En Oaxaca (huapango)
4. Patricia Erika (polka) (mandolin)
5. El Cipres (redova)
6. El Capitan Canela (huapango)
7. Ana Luisa (vals)
8. Las Perlitas (polka)
9. Bailando En Phoenix (huapango) (mandolin)
10. Rosa Patricia (redova)
11. Santa Julia (polka)
12. El Rubi (redova)
13. Diana Odilia (polka)
14. Las Tres Pelonas (huapango)
15. Jale Griego (huapango) (mandolin)
16. Son Matache (son matachin)
17. El Pichi Huila (son matachin)
18. El Corrido De Gregorio Cortez (corrido)


“He has some splendid touches, like the way he throws in a burst of boogie figures in the middle of the polka 'Patricia Erika' - a reminder of the relationship between this music and that other Texas idion, western swing. WS fiddlers certainly learnt from Tex Mex players, and this is a delightful demonstration that the cultural exchange wasn't all one way.”

(Ray Templeton — Blues & Rhythm)