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Freddy Fender - Rock N Roll

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CD 9038

"In January of 1961 I recorded the album Eddie Con Los Shades under the name 'Eddie Medina.' I used that name because at that time I was still with Falcon Records under my real name, Baldemar Huerta. I chose Eddie Medina because my father's mother's last name was Medina. And Eddie, I just liked the name. The group was called 'The Shades' because whoever played with me, I just put sunglasses on them. We all wore shades." (F. Fender)

Rock 'N Roll with Freddy Fender! This album was originally released in the early 1960's on the regional Texas label IDEAL, LP #109. It features all the original songs from the album and we have recreated the original album cover artwork.

1.Mi Nena (2:05)
2.Que Mala (2:20)
3.Lucy, Lucy (2:25)
4.Dime Si Me Vas A Ver (2:35)
5.No Esta Aqui (2:25)
6.Acapulco Rock (2:20)
7.Desde Que Conosco (2:30)
8.No La Vuelve A Ver (2:20)
9.Que Soledad (2:35)
10.Tequilita Rock (2:35)
11.No Quiero Nada Con Tu Amor (2:00)
12.Dices Que Me Quieres (2:00)

CD 9038

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“Drawing as much from R&B as the rockabilly sounds that were still making the rounds in Texas at the time, Eddie con los Shades: Rock 'n Roll sounds a bit prescient of the garage rock sounds that would be all the rage three or four years down the line, though with less grit and a decided Latin undertow…there's a minimalist Carl Perkins-style attack in his sharp, meaty solos that sounds both tough and lithe…he was serious about his rock & roll, and served it up with style and passion.”