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Freddy Fender - Interpreta El Rock

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CD 9039

Before the Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, before the Last Teardrop Fell, Freddy Fender was a Rock 'N Roller. Call it Rock en Español, call it Tex-Mex Garage Rock, it's a young and wild Freddy Fender singing both originals and rock 'n roll classics en Español. This album was originally released in the early 1960's on the regional Texas label IDEAL, LP # 136. It features all the original songs from the album and we have recreated the original album cover artwork.

1. Vamos a Bailar - 2:13
2. Di Que Vas Hacer - 1:40
3. Ojale Y No Llores - 2:42
4. Si Si Rider - 2:15
5. Bailando El Rock & Roll - 1:50
6. Como Un Errante - 2:01
7. El Borracho - 2:15
8. Tuve Un Amor - 2:00
9. Rock No. 5 - 1:43
10. Cuando Quieras Cariño - 1:43
11. Corina-Corina - 2:15
12. Ya No - 2:25


“When I saw Freddy Fender live, the most impressive thing about it – besides the fact that Augie Meyers was on piano – was the ancient powder blue Fender Mustang guitar that he was playing.  That guitar, and the sounds that he was getting out of it, seemed a link to another time, to both the barrio that he grew up in and the whole idea of playing music on a garage under the most primitive teenage conditions.  These two albums [Interpreta El Rock and Rock ‘n’ Roll] are testaments to that time, both recorded in the early ‘60s for Texas’ tiny Ideal Records.  Let me tell you how basic this stuff is: There is no echo on any of it and there are almost no other instruments besides Fender’s beautiful voice, his raunchy guitar and electric bass and drums.”

-Michael Hurtt, offBEAT