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Chelo Silva - La Reina Tejana Del Bolero

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CD 423

1. Tristeza De Quererte
2. Sabes Tu
3. Amor Burlado
4. Perla Negra
5. Ya Lo Veras
6. Mal Camino
7. Estoy Sin Ti
8. Inolvidable
9. Malos Pensamientos
10. Ahora Es Cuando Corazon
11. Mi Sincera Explicacion
12. Ya No Te Quiero
13. Esta Noche Tu Vendras
14. Te Enganaron Corazon
15. Contraras Conmigo
16. Tu Indiferencia
17. Menos Que Nada
18. Ni Falta Que Hace
19. Al Ver Que Te Vas
KCOR radio broadcast:
20. El Cheque En Blanco
21. KCOR Announcer & Presentation
22. Imploracion
23. Preguntame A Mi
24. Soy Bohemia

Chelo is one of the pioneer Texas-born Mexican-American recording artists responsible for the popularization of Mexican music in the United States. She achieved the status of an internationally acclaimed performer, whose work was known and loved throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Many of the boleros that Chelo Silva performed and included in her repertoire also reflected a certain nontraditional, almost rebellious image, generally not adopted by female singers. Her songs spoke of love affairs gone awry, betrayals, and desires that could not be subdued.

This CD represents the fruits of Chelo's recording sessions for Ideal Records from the late 1950s and early 60s. The CD ends with an excerpt from a 1983 live radio broadcast which allows us a glimpse of Chelo's performance style later in life in front of an appreciative audience.

Chelo Silva - vocals, accompanied by various trios, groups, or orchestras.
#12,16, & 17 with Conjunto de Pine Caceres
# 10, 11, 13, & 14 with Conjunto de Chuy Compean
# 5 with Wally Armendarez - accordion & his conjunto.
#20, 22, 23, & 24 with Flaco Jiménez y his conjunto.

“Forty years before Selena, Chelo Silva was queen of Texas-Mexican pop music. Her specialty was the bolero, the tor-ridly romantic music that is roughly the Mexican equivalent of US pop/jazz 'standards.' These recordings . . . show Silva at her best, in a class with legends like Lola Beltran. Her dark, rich voice has a soulful depth that is worlds away from the sappiness of lesser bolero singers, and her songs are varied and lyrically powerful. For people who only know Mexican music in its high-energy roadhouse mode, this is a gentler but equally powerful sound that is well worth checking out.”
(Elijah Wald — Boston)
CD 423
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