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The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra - Creole Belles

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CD 420

Lars Edegran - piano, banjo , guitar and leader; William Russell - violin; Lionel Ferbos - trumpet (and vocals on #14, 16 & 21); Orange Kellin - clarinet; Paul Crawford - trombone; Frank Fields - bass; Richard Payne - bass (on #13-23) & tuba (on #24); John Robichaux - drums (and vocals on #16 & 19).

Recorded in New Orleans, La., in 1971 (#s 1-12) and 1988 & 1989 (#s 13-24). Includes all of ARH LP 1058 and most of Stomp Off LP 1213.

1. Creole Belles
2. Black And White Rag
3. Purple Rose Of Cairo
4. War Cloud
5. Maple Leaf Rag
6. High Society
7. The Entertainer
8. The Ragtime Dance
9. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
10. My Maryland
11. The Chrysanthemum
12. Panama
13. Wall Street Rag
14. Love Will Find A Way
15. Rubber Plant Rag
16. You Can Have It, I Don't Want It
17. Tickled To Death
18. The Junk Man Rag
19. Winin' Boy Blues
20. St. Louis Tickle
21. Hindustan
22. Ethiopia
23. Red Pepper
24. Pickles And Peppers


“It's a small group by orchestra standards, just enough to do justice to these classic orchestral. Some are Scott Joplin chestnuts like 'The Entertainer' and 'Maple Leaf Rag.' Others come from Jelly Roll Morton's stash ('Winin' Boy Blues'), or you might be familiar with 'St. Louis Tickle' via Dave Van Ronk's guitar arrangement. All are brought to life on this recording at least half a century after their heyday.

This is an exceptionally soothing disc, a vist with old friends who have lost none of their vigor. 17 years passed between the recording of Parts I ('71) and II ('88), but the quality remains consistent throughout. The latter recordings feature the welcome addition of some bluesy vocals by John Robichaux in . William Russell's glorious violin is a particular favorite, sentimental at times ('Purple Rose of Cairo'), while crisp and stepping with the rest of the band on other songs.”

-Mary Armstrong, SingOut!