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Sister Shirley Sydnor & Her New Orleans All Stars - The Old Time Way

CAT. #: CDDOC7003


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7003 Recorded May 25 - June 3, 1998

Sister Shirley Sydnor & Eric Trauner - IÂ’ll Fly Away

CAT. #: CDDOC7004


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7004 Songs I Heard My Mother Sing, 1998

Zipflo Weinrich Group - DigginÂ’ Thru Jazz

CAT. #: CDDOC7007


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7007 Brilliant jazz fiddle player

Johnny Otis & His Orchestra - Spirit Of The Black Territory Bands

CAT. #: 384


CD 384 Johnny Otis - piano/vibes (drums and vocal on `Margie'); Nicky Otis - drums; Shuggie Otis - acoustic rhythm guitar; Brad `Baba' Pie -... More

Claude Williams - Live At J's - Part 1

CAT. #: 405


CD 405 Claude Williams , an original member of Count Basie's first big band, on fiddle & vocals, in all new recordings by this African American... More

Claude Williams - Live At J's - Part 2

CAT. #: 406


CD 406 Claude Williams, an original member of Count Basie's first big band, on fiddle & vocals, in all new recordings by this African American... More

The Treme Brass Band - Gimme My Money Back

CAT. #: 417


CD 417 The Tremè Brass Band plays the music of a people. The people in New Orleans who know how to celebrate life with a second line parade or... More

The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra - Creole Belles

CAT. #: 420


CD 420 Lars Edegran - piano, banjo , guitar and leader; William Russell - violin; Lionel Ferbos - trumpet (and vocals on #14, 16 & 21);... More

Sonny Simmons - Manhattan Egos

CAT. #: 483


CD 483 Sonny Simmons is one of the greats on the avant garde or free jazz scene and has recently made a come-back after a 20 year hiatus due to... More

Billie & DeDe Pierce - Gulf Coast Blues

CAT. #: 488


CD 488 Billie Pierce was a marvelous blues, ragtime, and jazz pianist and a very expressive singer who grew up in Florida where she accompanied... More

Sonny Simmons trio - Live In Paris

CAT. #: 506


CD 506 Two CD set for the price of one. Recorded Live at the Club La Ville, Paris, 1994. "Paris was personally a great experience for me. It... More

Sammy Rimington - Visits New Orleans

CAT. #: 532


CD 532 ) with most of the marvelous, impromptu sounds we were fortunate to catch. From the notes by Chris Strachwitz 1. Smile, Darn You, Smile 2. In... More

Oscar "Papa" Celestin's Tuxedo Jazz Band - 1950's Radio Broadcasts

CAT. #: 7024


  CD 7024 Papa Celestin - vocals and trumpet; Bill Mathews - trombone; Alphonse Picou - clarinet; Octave Crosby - piano and vocals; Ricard... More

Pachuco Boogie - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7040


CD 7040 The original recordings of hip, swinging, Latin music from the southwest of the 1940's! During and after World War II a new sound and a new... More

Various Artists - New Orleans Jazz

CAT. #: 346


CD 346 This collection brings you some of the best New Orleans jazz from the past and the present. The variety of sounds is extraordinary, from... More

Lemon Nash - Papa Lemon

CAT. #: 546


CD 546    Also available on LP! Review: Recorded between 1956 and 1961 by both New Orleans jazz archivist Richard B Allen and... More

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Sonny Simmons - Reincarnation

CAT. #: 551


CD 551 MUSICIANS Zarak Simmons - drums Court Crawford - bass Travis Shook - piano Barbara Donald - trumpet Sonny Simmons - alto sax... More


CAT. #: LPRST2071


R.S.T. (Blues Documents) 2071 These are out of print imported 12 inch, vinyl LPs from Austria and Germany of American Blues and Jazz. They are mostly not... More

Down Home Music: A Journey Through the Heartland 1963

CAT. #: AF DVD 205


In 1963 German filmmaker Dietrich Wawzyn set out to shoot a series of films for German television that took him through the southern US in search of... More