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Stevie Barr with Friends - Along the Crooked Road

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CD 531

, comes from the musically rich town of Galax, Virginia. Here he gathers his friends from around the area to display some of that deep cultural background on this album, which is steeped in the old-time and bluegrass traditions of the area, as well as some unusual twists and turns (Foggy Mountain Breakdown on banjo and piano!). Banjo tunes, fiddle tunes, gospel songs, old ballads, and new songs are all tied together by the talented musicians of the area and Stevie's banjo.

Stevie Barr ‚ banjo with: A)Eddie Bond, Dennis Hall, Katie Golden; B)Jesse Lovell, Alan Maston, Donald Hill, Reid Robertson; C)Martha Spencer, Steve Spencer Strickland, Herb Key, Gerald Anderson; D)Wayne Henderson, Herb Key, Steve Spencer Strickland, Gerald Anderson; E)Congregation of the Independent Baptist Church with Rev. Ted Bartlett, Audine Lineberry; F)Audine Lineberry, Rev. Bartlett; G)Becky Barr, Tom Barr; H)banjo solo; I)Jeff Little

1.Lonesome Road Blues (A)
2.Fortune (A)
3.He Was Born In Bethlehem (F)
4.Sally Ann (A)
5.Bye Bye Blues (D)
6.It's Sinful To Flirt (G)
7.Old Jimmy Sutton (A)
8.Viagra Blues (B)
9.No Place Like Father's House (F)
10.Uncle Joe (A)
11.Mary In The Wild Moore (C)
12.At Calvary (E)
13.Durang's Hornpipe (A)
14.Barbara Allen (C)
15.Sweet Sunny South (A)
16.Train #1262 (vocal: Herb Key) (D)
17.Dust On The Bible (G)
18.Shane's Reel (A)
19.I Wonder If I Done My Best For Jesus (B)
20.Foggy Mountain Breakdown (I)
21.Leaving Grayson (H)


“Woooooooooooooooooooohaaa! REAL Bluegrass! No hyphenations, to cross-genre guests, no electronic tricks or studio slickery, no acoustic versions of ‘70s Glam Rock, no Nashville Sound crooning, no “relevant” lyrics, no bodhrans. What a concept! For those who have been in despair, fearing that the whole genre has irrevocably sunk into the dishwater, crossed the tracks, or jumped the shark, young Stevie Barr is your savior.”

– Tom Peterson, Victory Review