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The Whitetop Mountain Band - Bull Plus 10%

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CD 522

From the Whitetop region of Virginia's Appalachia comes this delightful Old Time Stringband - headed by fiddler Thornton Spencer. Included in the band is Thornton's wife Emily on vocals and old-time banjo, and their dynamic daughter Martha who sings, plays all string instruments, and can clog dance with the best of them.
Recorded live at the Blue Ridge Music Center's small indoor theatre near Galax, Virginia, by David McLaughlin
Thornton Spencer - fiddle; Emily Spencer - vocals & banjo; Martha Spencer - guitar, vocals, & fiddle; Spencer Pennington - guitar & vocals; Michelle Lyle - string bass.

1. Cacklin' Hen
2. Lost John
3. Rake And Rambling Boy
4. Sandy Land
5. Walking In My Sleep
6. Breakin' Up Christmas
7. You Can't Tame Me
8. Florida Blues
9. Rooster's Crowing Blues
10. Lee Highway Blues
11. Banks Of New River
12. Snow Line
13. Lovin' You Too Well
14. Lost Indian
15. East Virginia Blues
16. Grey Eagle
17. My Old Home In Whitetop Mountain
18. Bull Plus 10%
19. Green Pasture


“The Whitetop sound is fiddle-driven with the other instruments providing snappy rhythmic back-up.  Even the clawhammer banjo is mostly a rhythm instrument with little seconding of the fiddle.  This creates an almost irresistible need to get up and dance…a rollicking old-time outfit that remembers what old-time dance music is all about.”

-T.D., Sing Out!