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Lydia Mendoza - La Alondra De La Frontera Con Orquesta Falcon

CAT. #: 513

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CD 513

Lydia Mendoza, the great, legendary First Star of Tejano Music, The Meadowlark of the Border, The Songstress of the Poor, started her recording career as a 12 year old girl in 1928 and continued to record for 6 decades.
On these previously unissued recordings, originally recorded for Falcon Records in the 1970's, she is accompanied here by her own 12-string guitar, mariachis, and a fine orchestra, which includes a superb accordionist. Lydia Mendoza's records on Falcon not only sold throughout Texas and the United States but throughout the Spanish speaking Western Hemisphere.

1. Mundo Enganoso (2:34) (cancion)
2. Invierno En Abril (2:48) (bolero)
3. La Prieta (2:12) (cancion)
4. Nomas Lo Que Soy (2:30) (bolero)
5. Larga Condena (2:50) (cancion)
6. Que Desconsuelo (3:20) (bolero)
7. Amor De Madre (2:05) (cancion)
8. Te Dedico Esta Cancion (2:40) (cancion)
9. Yo Vendo Unas Ojos Negros (2:20) (cancion)
10. El Limpiabotas (3:13) (cancion)
11. Ausente Yo Me Encuentro (1:55)
12. Por Una Calle Vagando (2:48)
13. Nuestro Problema (2:10) (cancion)
14. Tres Cartas (2:26) (cancion)
15. Cantando (2:47) (cancion)


“On this CD we get a chance to hear Mendoza in some of her best recordings done for Falcon Records in the 1970s.  She has a fine voice and sings with passion.  The band behind her is excellent, with great accordion, guitar and even some tasteful brass, providing counterpoint and support to her vocals.  The styles of music are varied, with selections from Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and other Latin rhythms and styles.  It’s no wonder her music was accepted throughout the diverse Spanish-speaking world.  A great recording for anyone who wants to broaden his or her musical horizons, or just to enjoy some great singing.”

– David Perasso, Victory Review