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Blues With A Message - Various Artists

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CD 510

Includes notes by respected folklorist Paul Oliver.

"The Blues, contrary to popular conception, are not always concerned with love, razors, dice, & death." — Richard Wright.

1. I Have To Paint My Face
2. John Henry
3. Walked Down So Many Turn Rows
4. Tom Moore's Farm
5. Tom Moore's Blues
6. River Blues
7. Levee Camp Blues
8. The 1919 Influenza Blues
9. Why I Like Roosevelt
10. Little Soldier Boy
11. Prisoner's Talking Blues
12. I Got To Climb A High Mountain
13. Depression Blues
14. Stockyard Blues
15. What Will I Tell The Children
16. It's Enough
17. Things Gonna Get Better
18. Back Home Blues


“18 tracks drawn from Arhoolie's vaults by such artists as Sam Chatmon, Lightnin' Hopkins, Big Joe Williams (plus some lesser-known talents), all singing "blues with a meaning"‚ songs that reflect the singer's self-expression and personal experience. The booklet has some great photos from Chris Strachwitz and notes by Paul Oliver that place the lyrics into the given context.”

(Folkroots World Music Magazine)