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Slim Critchlow - Cowboy Songs The Crooked Trail To Holbrook

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CD 479

The old-time cowboy songs grew out of the cow camps, trail herds, and open range - the everyday life of the cowboy. Slim's deep love for the old ways and the old songs - and his natural disdain for the Hollywood version ("With all the boys down in town shootin' each other, it kinda makes you wonder who was out tendin' the cows...." as he puts it) caused him to keep the old songs alive and to hold to the style he had learned from the old-timers during the 1920's and before.
Here is a collection of great songs to ride the trail with us - in our dreams and in our everyday lives, from here to eternity - riding with as good a compadre as could be found.

1. The Crooked Trail To Holbrook
2. Borax Bill
3. The Trail To Mexico
4. Forty A Month And Found
5. The Brazos River
6. D-Bar-2 Horse Wrangler
7. Windy Bill
8. Good Bye, Old Paint
9. The Bucking Bronco
10. I'd Like To Be In Texas
11. Zebra Dun
12. Ten Thousand Cattle
13. Driftin' Cowboy
14. Red River Valley
15. The High Tone Dance
16. The Old Cowboy
17. State Of Arkansas
18. The Habit
19. Strawberry Roan
20. The Buffalo Skinners
21. Cowboy's Lament
22. The Wild Buckaroo
23. Snagtooth Sal
24. The Trusty Lariat
25. John Garner's Trail Herd
26. Whiskey Bill
27. The Last Wagon


“The guitar playing Critchlow had a warm voice and a winning manner that makes this collection an end to end delight. The songs are 'real' cowboy songs ... and often represent parochial poetry put to music, the stories ... are rich in authentic details and strong on humor (and sometimes salty of language). Good notes, good sound, a fine CD!”

-Keith Briggs, Blues & Rhythm