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Chuck Guillory - Grand Texas

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CD 473

Chuck Guillory is one of the Cajun pioneers who learned to play fiddle from his father. His combination of French and country music became a classic sound that was well-received at Cajun dances. Chuck Guillory became known for his performances with his Rhythm Boys from the late 1940's to the late eighties. He is joined on these recordings by Preston Manuel, Papa Cairo, Michael Doucet and others.

1. Jolie Blonde
2. Chere Bassette
3. Grand Texas (1) (1982)
4. Chuck's Waltz
5. T.R. Two Step
6. Grand Mamou
7. Manche A Manche
8. Poor Hobo
9. Tolan Waltz (1)
10. 99 Year Waltz
11. One Step De Chameaux
12. Louisiana Waltz
13. Grand Texas (2) ( 1987)
14. Tolan Waltz (2)
15. J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte
16. Grandma And Grandpa
17. The Last Waltz
18. Le Veuves De La Coule
19. Grand Mamou(2)
20. Tolan Waltz (3)
21. Grand Texas (3) (1949)
22. Chere Petite
23. Walfus Two-Step
24. Oakdale Waltz
25. Teyut Two-Step
26. Chuck's Waltz (2)


“To these ears, that mixture of cajun fiddle and steel guitar preferred by Guillory and his band is nothing short of heaven. Adding that sanctified western flavoring to counter Guillory's wonderfully scratchy fiddle was steel player Papa Cairo, a legend in cajun land as much for his boxing prowess as his work on the steel 'table.' Another formidable member... was the renowned cajun singer Preston Manual, possessor of a wonderful high tenor voice.... For my money cajun music doesn't get much better.”

-Dan Ferguson, Time Out