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Brian Marshall & His Tex-Slavik Playboys - Texas Polish Roots

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CD 464

Spirited fiddler and delightful vocalist Brian Marshall (third generation Polish-Texan) leads a hearty polka band in a program of mostly traditional Polish dances and songs, sung in Polish by the leader. The Tex-Slavik Playboys (all Texans of mostly Slavic background!) create that unmistakeable Texas blend of southern Polish fiddle tunes and Texas western swing. Should appeal not only to Polish and Czech Texans but to Polish Americans and anyone who loves to dance and listen to American polka music.

1. Helena Polka
2. Panni Matka (Mother In Law Waltz)
3. Kujawaiak
4. Chappell Hill Drive
5. Going Home
6. Tatusio Waltz (Daddy's Waltz)
7. Clear Water
8. 4-Step
9. Z Padla Z Wisne
10. John Mushinski's Waltz
11. Rose Garden Polka
12. Chappell Hill Special
13. Martha Polka
14. Na Weselu Polka (At The Wedding)
15. Kuba's Wedding Waltz
16. Moravia Polka
17. Walking Cane Waltz
18. In The Barn Waltz
19. Czum Czi Rum Czum Polka (La Dee Da-Dee Da!)
20. Galicia Waltz
21. Siwi Kon (Gray Horse)
22. Beczka Waltz (Barrel Waltz)


“In the nineteenth century, Polish bands used fiddles to create a distinctly Texan sound. The rural sound died out decades ago, but Brian Marshall and His Tex-Slavik Playboys bring it back with grace and verve on Texas Polish Roots (Arhoolie). A Houston native with Bremond roots, Marshall has a fiddle style redolent of the Old Country while containing elements of Western swing as well. The tunes are nearly all traditional, but they're more for dancers than folklorists, these guys are to Texas polka what BeauSoleil is to Cajun music.”

-John Morthland, Texas Monthly