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Aubrey Ghent & Friends - Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

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CD 463

Aubrey Ghent (first introduced on Arhoolie CD 450 “Sacred Steel Guitar”) showcases his remarkable lap steel guitar and preaching talents more fully on this, his debut album. “Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus,” Volume 4, in the Sacred Steel Series was recorded in Florida, and Aubrey Ghent presents a wide spectrum of sacred songs and instrumental pieces - assisted by his wife, Lori, on vocals on selected numbers. Although sacred, the music should appeal to all who enjoy steel guitar music - especially blues fans.

1. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
2. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
3. Amazing Grace
4. I Am Thine, Oh Lord
5. When The Saints Go Marching In
6. Sweet, Sweet Spirit
7. What He's Done For Me
8. Walk With Me
9. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
10. How Great Thou Art


“Winner of our ‘Best Gospel Instrumentalist’ award, Ghent’s disc is the 4th volume in Arhoolie’s ‘Sacred Steel’ series and it’s absolutely phenomenal! Ghent is the most talented and extroverted lap steel guitarist on the scene today and while he exhibits beautiful melodicism in his playing such as in the opening cut ‘Just A Closer Walk With Thee,’ the next track, title tune ‘Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus,’ will have you stop dead in your tracks, stunned by a performance that can only be described as magic. If ever the hand of God touched a performer than this is it. What Hendrix was to guitar, Aubrey Ghent is to lap steel.

...This whole genre of music was a major discovery and revelation to musicologists and folklorists, and as Robert Stone says in his liner notes, ‘That first visit to Ghent’s apartment to hear him play, permanently and radically changed my whole concept of steel guitar music.’ In layman’s terms it blew his mind, and it’ll blow yours too....

Aubrey is also a minister and he delivers some fine preaching on one track while Lori Ghent and Tarlisha Barr handle the excellent vocals heard on half the tracks. If you’re a fan of gospel or lap steel guitar, or just plain open-minded to unique and righteous music, you’ll love this disc. It’s a whole new realm and as I keep mentioning, just when we think we know everying and there can’t be anything left out there to hear, we get slapped upside the head with something like this which tells us to be a little more humble.”

-Andy Grigg, Real Blues