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The Maddox Brothers and Rose - On The Air

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CD 447

Featuring the first recorded radio broadcasts by Rose Maddox and her brothers, These recordings capture the group in its early stages, made up entirely of the Maddox family siblings, Fred, Rose, Cal, Henry and others.This is the third volume in a series that highlights the recordings of Maddox Brothers and Rose, pioneers of the West Coast country sound.

1. A Cowboy Has To Yell
2. Let Me Ride My Pony Down The Sunset Trail
3. Once I Had A Darling Mother
4. Hold That Critter Down
5. I'm Talking About You
6. I'm Going To The Hoedown (& Theme Out)
7. Small Town Mama (& Theme)
8. Mama Please Stay Home With Me
9. If You Ain't Got The Do-Re-Mi
10. I Might Have Known
11. I'll Reap My Harvest In Heaven
12. Don't Hang Around Me Any More
13. A Sinner's Prayer Is Never Answered
14. The Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind
15. Write Me, Sweetheart
16. I'm A Handy Man To Have Around
17. I've Rambled Around
18. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouqu
19. I Couldn't Believe It Was True
20. Ktrb Theme/Regal Pale Beer Ad (1)
21. The Goldrush Is Over
22. Almost
23. Too Old To Cut The Mustard
24. Breathless Love
25. Ktrb Theme/Regal Pale Beer Ad (2)
26. Walkin' In My Sleep
27. Introduction To Band By Fred & Rosemaddox
28. Fried Potatoes
29. Nobody's Love Is Like Mine
30. Meanest Man In Town
31. Freight Train Boogie
32. Ktrb Theme Out
33. Maddox Brothers & Rose Theme
34. Theme Out & Station Id


“Arhoolie brings back 78s’ says the back cover of this excellent album, drawing our attention to the fact that the timing on the disc is over 78 minutes « 32 tracks, including announcements, ads, gags and radio theme tunes. Can’t say fairer than that, especially when the music is of this quality. The Maddox Brothers, and their singing sister Rose, whose music Arhoolie has been championing for many years now, recorded commercially in the ’40s and ’50s, and have been cited as being highly influential in shaping the commercial country music that was emerging on the west coast in those years, and even possibly early rock ‘n’ roll. This is country music in transition, moving from the old timey sound of the pre-war years, and towards the classic honky-tonk sound of the ’50s and ’60s - mandolins, fiddles and harmonicas mixing freely with pedal steel and rattling electric guitars.

These radio shows include ads for ‘Regal Pale Beer’, and even the dedications to listeners who may now be no more than long forgotten names, but it all helps to bring alive a past time, when the wireless crackled in the early evening heat, the entertainment was mainly light-hearted and the music still had deep, deep roots. The overall tone of the group was one of rowdy fun, but they had their more serious moments as well « Rose sings with heaps of country soul on the fine honky-tonk style ‘Breathless Love’, and on ‘I’ll Reap My Harvest In Heaven’ among others they show that they could still handle beautifully the old-fashioned sacred harmonies they probably grew up with. You can hear the influence of black music in ‘Handy Man’ and ‘Talkin’ About You’, even if it may be second hand, and ‘Freight Train Boogie’ points forward to the rockabilly sound (although it has its foundations firmly in western swing).

This material has previously appeared on Arhoolie LPs. It was originally recorded on acetates for radio broadcast in 1945 and 1949, mainly for northern California stations, but two tracks originate from the groups’ only appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. Altogether it is an enthralling, detailed document of the Maddox Brothers and Rose’s music, with a strong flavour of the time and place in which it was popular. I find it fascinating, and hugely enjoyable, and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in post-war Americana « or to people who just like good country music.”

-Ray Templeton, Blues & Rhythm