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Masters Of The Folk Violin - Various Artists

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CD 434

Recordings from the recent Masters of the Folk Violin Tour, sponsored by the National Council for the Traditional Arts. Here is a compilation by musicians who have mastered regional styles unique to their heritage, and continue to exemplify the finest in fiddling on the "Devil's Box!" Styles range from the Irish Limerick virtuosity of Brendan Mulvihill, to music from bluegrass icon and Kentucky native, Kenny Baker. Also included is the legendary jazz violinist, Claude Williams, along with one of the best known contemporary Cajun fiddlers, Michael Doucet. Natalie MacMaster from Troy, Nova Scotia provides a sample of the Cape Breton style which hearkens back to the area's first Scottish settlers to round out this presentation, recorded on various tour dates in Delaware, Maryland, Wisconsin and California.

1. Kean O'Hara / Colonel O'Hara / Flagon Reel, The / Dublin Lasses - Brendan Mulvihill
2. Boys Of The Lough / Mary Walker / McFadden's / Dylan's - Brendan Mulvihill
3. Paddy Taylor's Jig / Chapel Bell / Within A Mile Of Dublin - Brendan Mulvihill
4. These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You - Claude Williams
5. You've Got To See Your Mama Every Night - Claude Williams
6. Smooth Sailing - Claude Williams
7. Springtime - Kenny Baker
8. Starlight Waltz - Kenny Baker
9. Sweet Bunch Of Daisies - Kenny Baker
10. Bobby Van's Hornpipe - Kenny Baker
11. John Barleycorn - Kenny Baker
12. St. Patrick's Jig / Jerry's Beaver Hat / Chorus Jig, The / Irish Jig, An - Natalie MacMaster
13. James Scott Skinner's Welcome To Inverness - Natalie MacMaster / Marchioness Of Huntley, The - Na...
14. L'Ouragon - Michael Doucet
15. Manage A Trois Reels - Michael Doucet
16. Doc's Two-Step - Michael Doucet
17. Valse A Jonglemont - Michael Doucet
18. Chanky-Chank Francais - Michael Doucet


“So of course the first track by Brendan Mulvihill sounds almost like classical music, Mozart or someone. But it's a medley of "Kean O'Hara," "Colonel O'Hara," "The Flagon Reel," and "Dublin Lasses." The other artists here are: Claude Williams, Kenny Baker, Natalie McMaster, and Michael Doucet. What we've got is recordings from live performances of the shows with these fiddlers and their accompanists. There are several styles represented, roughly the number of fiddlers. We have Irish, jazz, bluegrass, Cape Breton and cajun fiddling. They are what the title says. You know who you are, now run out and get it. ”

-MB, Blue Suede News