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Chulas Fronteras & Del Mero Corazon - Various Artists

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CD 425

This CD is the soundtrack to the films Chulas Fronteras and Del Mero Corazon. All recordings were made on location by Chris Strachwitz in 1976 (except tracks 6 and 7, which are transferred from 45rpm recordings).

1. Cancion Mixteca - Ramiro Cavazos & Rafael Ramirez
2. Mi Texana - Los Pinguinos del Norte
3. Muchachos Alegres - Narciso Martinez
4. Luzita - Narciso Martinez
5. Mal Hombre / Pero Hay Que Triste - Lydia Mendoza
6. Chulas Fronteras - El Piporro (Lalo Gonzalez) & Los Madrugadores del Valle
7. Rinches de Texas - Dueto Reynosa & conjunto
8. Corrido de Cesar Chavez - Los Pinguinos del Norte
9. Chicano - Rumel Fuentes & Los Pinguinos del Norte
10. La Nueva Zenaida - Flaco Jimenez & conjunto
11. Un Mojado Sin Licencia - Flaco Jimenez & conjunto
12. Cotula - Don Santiago Jimenez y Santiago Jimenez Jr.
13. Prenda del Alma - Los Alegres de Teran
14. Volver, Volver - Los Alegres de Teran
15. Mexico Americano - Los Pinguinos del Norte
16. Seis Pies Abajo - Ricardo Mejia & Ruben Valdez
17. Las Quejas de Zenaida - Andres Berlanga
18. Camioncito Pasajero - Conjunto Tamaulipas
19. Al Pie de la Tumba - Conjunto Tamaulipas
20. El Troquero - Conjunto Tamaulipas
21. En Cada Vida Hay Un Momento - Lwo Garza & conjunto
22. Quiero Que Sepas - Chavela Ortiz & Raymond Flores
23. Besos y Copas - Chavela Ortiz & Brown Express
24. Las Nubes - Little Joe & la Familia



“Arhoolie Records is an independent California based label, founded by Chris Strachwitz, that has for the past thirty years issued a vast, and remarkable, array of releases devoted to various "roots" musicsfrom blues and gospel to bluegrass, Cajun and zydeco. Recently, they've put out an extensive number of releases that survey the various musical styles of the Rio Grande region along the Texas/Mexico border. Probably the most well-known of these musical expressions is the variety known as conjunto called "Norteño" in Mexico and "Tex-Mex" in the U.S.that great accordion-driven dance hall music typified by the likes of Flaco Jimenez and Steve Jordan. But they've also released some overlooked and/or neglected historical gems.

Chulas Fronteras/Del Mero Corazon presents the soundtracks from two award winning documentary films by Les Blank. These two films, made and recorded in the early '70s, highlight the music of the regionthey were filmed on the spot in the border clubs and bars and there's a raw vitality to this "blue collar" music of migrant agricultural workers. Especially moving are the corridos or story songsfrom Lydia Mendoza's tale of a "Mal Hombre" (Bad Hearted Man), to Flaco Jimenez' tragi-comic rendering of "Un Mojada Sin Licencia" (A Wetback Without A License) and Lalo Gonzalez' epic tale of the lives of migrant workers (in the title song), to the unrelenting and unremitting passion of "Volver, Volver" (Return, Return)they provide a moving portrait of both a music and a way of life.”

(Kirk Robertson — Soundings)

CD 425
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