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Hackberry Ramblers - Jolie Blonde

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CD 399

The Hackberry Ramblers: Luderin Darbone - fiddle; Edwin Duhon - vocals, accordion, guitar, or bass; Lennis Sonnier - vocals and guitar; Butch Ogea - vocals and bass; Maxie Sonnier - snare drum; Crawford Vincent - drums, triangle, and vocals; Glenn Croker - steel guitar, piano, and vocals; Johnny Parker - electric bass.

Luderin Darbone and the Hackberry Ramblers are a pioneer Cajun string band. They played their first dance in 1933 and had the first hit of `Jolie Blonde' in a western swing style in 1935. This CD celebrates Luderin Darbone and the Hackberry Ramblers' 60 years of playing Cajun music by bringing you their best studio and live recordings from the 1960s.

Nine selections previously unissued, all others originally issued on ARH LP 5003

1. Black Bayou Rag
2. Louisiana Waltz
3. Je Veux Marier
4. Fais Pas Ca
5. Crowley Waltz
6. Step It Fast
7. Ville Platte Waltz
8. J'ai Passe
9. French Harp Stomp
10. Jolie Blonde
11. Colinda
12. Cajun Rag
13. Te Petite, Te Meon
14. Mermentau Stomp
15. Cajun Twist
16. Madame Sustin (Madam Sostain)
17. Pipeliner's Blues
18. Turtle Tail
19. Ma Chere Bebe
20. Grand Mamou
21. Tante Na Na
22. Ma Negresse
23. Mon Bon Vieux Mari (My Good Old Man)
24. Jolie Blonde (2)
25. Allons A Lafayette
26. Grand Texas


“Overall, ‘Jolie Blonde’ is a fine sampling of the Hackberry sound as well as a style of Cajun music rarely copied anymore. Adaptations of Cajun classics with a swing slant dominate the recording.

Samplings include ‘Allons A Lafayette,’ ‘Grand Mamou,’ ‘Louisiana Waltz,’ and even ‘Jolie Blonde.’ At the time of these recordings the Ramblers were considering retirement, however the original release of the material revived interest in the band and the ‘boys’ returned to the dance circuit. They began a second career that continues to this day.

As with all Arhoolie CD releases, there is ample music (60+ minutes) and solid background notes. CD-wise, you can’t get better value. The other plus with Jolie Blonde is that it provides one with a taste of the Western, swing-influenced side of Cajun music and in the case of the Hackberry Ramblers, nobody has done it better. Nearly 60 years since they formed, the Hackberry Ramblers are still going strong.”

(Dan Ferguson — Narragansett Times)