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Michael Doucet and Beausoleil - The Mad Reel

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CD 397

Michael Doucet - fiddle and vocals with Beausoleil (David Doucet - guitar; Robert Vignaud - bass; John "Billy" Ware - triangle & spoons; Errol Verret - accordion; Tommy Alesi - drums; Tommy Comeaux - mandolin; Annick Colbert - vocal & recorder) Dennis McGee - lead fiddle and vocal, Ann Savoy - guitar and Beth Weil - bass.

Recorded in 1981 and 1982. Includes: Dennis McGee and the soundtrack of “Belizaire the Cajun”

1. Adieu Roza
2. Si J'aurais Des Ailes
3. Cajun Reel
4. Cajun Midnight Waltz
5. Pierrot Grouillette Et Mamselle Josette
6. Contredanse
7. Madame Sosthene
8. L'affaire De Perrodin
9. J'ai Ete Au Bal
10. Les Petits Yeux Noirs
11. Awesome Ossun Two-Step
12. The Mad Reel
13. La Valse De Penitentiare
14. La Reel De Barza
15. Belizaire Sndtrk / Openingtitles
16. Contredanse De Doucet
17. Petit Jean Peut Pas Danser(Johnny Can't
18. Madame Etienne
19. Le Traiteur
20. Belizaire's Arrest
21. Grand Mallet
22. Round-Up
23. Chanson De Vermilion
24. Matthew Est Mort
25. Funeral
26. Leger's Chase (The Mardi Gras Song)
27. La Visite Au Condamne
28. Closing Theme: Madame Sothene


“Glen Pitre's 1986 feature film, 'Belizaire the Cajun,' is a wonderful, fictional evocation of French Louisiana culture, and crucial to its success is a score composed by Doucet and played by his band BeauSoleil. The 14 Doucet tunes from that soundtrack form the core of this new 68-minute CD. Filling out the album are 6 selections from BeauSoleil's 1981 album, 'Dit BeauSoleil,' plus 3 previously unreleased duets between Doucet and seminal Cajun fiddler Dennis McGee as well as 3 more previously unreleased duets between Doucet and his brother David, a guitarist. The result is a treasure trove of traditional Cajun music.”

(Geoffrey Himes — The Washington Post)