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Lydia Mendoza - First Queen Of Tejano Music

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CD 392

The roots of Tejano music evolved in the late forties and early fifties when South Texas clubs, dancehalls, and bars began featuring popular styles of Mexican-American music. Lydia was one of the most accomplished figures during this time, primarily as a singer who had already made a name for herself, recording with her family as early as 1928. This CD showcases Lydia performing with the best orquestas, conjuntos and trios that South Texas had to offer between 1952 and 1964.

Though Lydia Mendoza is best known for her strong resonant vocal ballads on 12 string guitar, she is featured here in the company of Narciso Martinez y Su Conjunto, Tony De La Rosa y Su Conjunto, and with the Beto Villa Orquesta, as well as being backed by trios and mariachis. The compilation invites us to savor the best of a momentous era when Tejano musicians were experimenting with their ranchero or country style sounds, with new styles and instrumentation, in order to create a music that was entirely their own. Lydia Mendoza was the first pioneer artist to truly celebrate Tejano music before there was even a name for Tejano music. These recordings which were originally issued on the Ideal label are a remarkable collection of danceable and romantic tunes from one of the most outstanding recording artists in the history of Mexican-American music.

1. Amor Bonito
2. Contestacion A Amor Que Malo Eres
3. El Deber De Los Dos
4. Soy Rebelde
5. Volver A Vivir
6. Te Quieres Ir
7. Amor Con Amor Se Paga
8. En Cada Copa
9. Seguire Tus Pasos
10. Infame Traicion
11. A Ti Madre
12. Prisionera
13. Acabame De Matar
14. Carino Ciego
15. Amor En Duda
16. Tu Sabes Bien
17. Tinieblas
18. Que Hiciste Con Mis Besos
19. Cuando Se Pierde La Madre
20. Vi Pasar
21. Sin Querer
22. Hoy Que Vuelvo
23. Porque Piensas En Ti
24. Enredaste Mi Vida
25. Amor Maldito
26. Pa' Que Me Dice Cosas


“These recordings show us how versatile Lydia Mendoza's singing abilities are. Lydia can gracefully sing her way through boleros . . . and then sing an amazing fox-trot cancion . . . The power and energy that is captured on these recordings are wonderful. They take us back to a time when Mexican-American music in Texas projected an original and innovative sound that so many of today's Tejano superstars lack. After listening to this album you will immediately discover the mastery and beauty of Lydia's voice. She sings the way very few Mexican-American singers have done. Her passion for music comes from the bottom of her heart. Lydia will always be the Queen of Tejano music.”

(Pedro Arroyo — RazaTeca)