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Conjunto Alma Jarocha - Sones Jarochos

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CD 354

Recorded in Veracruz, México featuring arpa jarocha (harp), jarana, and requinto jarocho and vocals. Descriptive notes with song transcriptions and translations.

All of ARH LP 3008 plus several previously unissued selections.

1. La Guacamaya
2. El Cupido
3. Siquisiri
4. El Tilingolingo
5. El Pajaro Carpintero
6. El Colas
7. La Morena
8. El Jarabe Loco #1
9. La Bamba
10. Maria Chuchena
11. El Pajaro Cu
12. El Torito Jarocho
13. El Ahualulco - (previously unreleased)
14. La Bruja - (previously unreleased)
15. El Cascabel - (previously unreleased)
16. El Balaju - (previously unreleased)
17. Bello Veracruz - (previously unreleased)
18. Canto A Veracruz - (previously unreleased)
19. El Pajaro Cu - (previously unreleased)
20. El Jarabe Loco #2 - (previously unreleased)


“Conjunto Alma Jarocha is volume one of another Arhoolie series cataloguing Mexican regional musics and concentrating, in this instance, on Veracruz. This music is much more traditional than that of the border and features the harp widely, sometimes in duet. The sound is smooth and wonderfully evocative. The recordings were made by Chris Strachwitz and Dan Sheehy in 1978 and include the twelve which made up Arhoolie LP 3008.”

(Keith Briggs — Blues & Rhythm)

“Inhabitants of the coastal area stretching south from the Mexican port of Veracruz are called jarochos, and their traditional music is son jarocho. In this genre the staple ingredients are fast and vigorous rhythms, plenty of syncopation, simple harmony, and improvisation in both instrumental melodies and song text. Son jarocho features three main instruments: the arpa jarocha (large, wooden harp), requinto jarocho (four-string smallish guitar which is plucked), and jarana (small and guitar-like; its five courses of 10-strings are briskly strummed). Conjunto Alma Jarocha is an aggregation of six musicians who deliver a vibrant, upbeat set of 20 tracks (eight previously unissued), including two requinto solos, a harp solo, and a harp duet. The performance overflows with passionate interplay between the requinto and harp, persistent strumming of the requinto, and lively solo and harmony vocals.”

(AR — Dirty Linen)