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Bukka White - Sky Songs

CAT. #: 323

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CD 323

Bukka White - vocals & guitar or piano (plus Big Willie Wayne - washboard on 1 & 7).

All of the songs from ARH 1019 and ARH 1020 recorded in 1963.

1. Bald Eagle Train
2. Single Man Blues
3. Georgia Skin Game
4. Jesus Died On The Cross To Save The...
5. Sugar Hill
6. My Baby
7. Alabama Blues


“Bukka White's music is truly unique. His ability to improvise at the drop of a hat was exploited to the full here, resulting in seven long, extraordinary songs. Songs of travel, women, gambling, religion and music develop over White's mesmerically rhythmic guitar and, on two tracks, piano.”

(Mark Harris — Juke Blues)