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Clifton Chenier - Live At St. Mark's

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CD 313

Clifton Chenier - vocals and accordion with the Red Hot Louisiana Band. Recorded live in 1971 at a French Creole dance at St. Mark's Church Hall in Richmond, Calif.

All of ARH LP 1059 plus 4 previously unissued selections from that dance.

1. Zydeco Cha Cha
2. Bad Luck And Trouble
3. Cher Catin (Zydeco)
4. New Ma Negress
5. J'ai Conet, C'est Pas Ma Femme
6. Rock House
7. I'm A Hog For You
8. Mama Told Papa
9. Tu Le Ton Son Ton (Every Now And Then)
10. You're My Mule
11. Tighten Up Zydeco
12. Going Home Blues
13. Mess Around


“The exuberant `Live At St. Mark's' is a live recording Chenier made in front of an audience of transplanted Creoles who'd moved to the Bay Area. The rumbling bass lines, barreling vocals, and seamless blend of blues, traditional tunes, his own works, and comedic elements expertly convey Chenier's special qualities, and the band includes his brother Cleveland on rubboard plus guitarist Felix Benit, who takes the spotlight during those rare moments when Chenier takes a back seat. Although he didn't get his just glory until late in his career, Chenier was a certified genius, with that rare combination of high caliber musicianship and unparalleled stage presence.”

(Ron Wynn — Rock & Roll Disc)