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The Klezmorim - Early Recordings 1976-78

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CD 309

Lev Liberman - flute, brass whistle & dumbek; David Julian Gray - clarinet, mandolin, lauto & violin; along with other members of the original Klezmorim.

Recorded in Berkeley, CA between December 1976 and July 1978. Cover by R. Crumb. (The best of ARH LPs 3006 & 3011.) Old time Yiddish music, mostly instrumentals, delightfully revived by young enthusiasts who started the whole resurgence in Klezmer music.

1. Di Zilberne Khasene
2. Cintec De Dragoste
3. Hora Lui Damian
4. Thalassa
5. Fidl Volach
6. Medyatsiner Waltz
7. Sherele
8. Mayn Rue Plats
9. A Glezele Vayn
10. Baym Rebns Sude
11. Lebedik Un Freylekh
12. Sirba
13. Doina
14. Papirosn
15. Firen Di Mekhutonim Aheym
16. Trello Hasaposerviko
17. Af Shabes In Vilma
18. Taxim
19. Hora
20. Sonya
21. Anushke


“This compilation edited from the Klezmorim's albums `East Side Wedding' and `Streets of Gold' is a listening experience. Vibrant and obviously enjoyed by all taking part.

This is not just two albums stitched together and remarketed for the CD buff. A lot of thought has gone into the re-presentation of these items and pieces have been juggled so that their positioning actually helps the listener understand certain nuances in the character of this Jewish traditional music.

In opposition to the traits in the music, the contrasts too are assisted by the way some items have been repositioned. Particularly striking are `Sonya/Anushke,' `Af Shabbas In Vilna' and `Taxim.' The first two traditional items bracketed together bade the ocean voyage to the new world and even survived an existance in jazz review. The second is a raucous traditional marching tune more suited to be the accompaniment to a speeded-up silent film. The last, a violin piece of a rhapsodic nature based on Romanian and Turkish modes.

Miriam Dvorin's version of `Mine Ruha Platz' (My Resting Place), is here too. It was this recording which began the present enthusiastic fashion for recording this songwritten in London's East End circa 1906.

For everyone who loves life in their music, this is a must!”

(Derek Reid — Folk Roots)