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Ukrainian-American Fiddle & Dance Music - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9014

Price: $14.98

Folklyric LP 9014

We have about 50 copies of this left, and we believe they all have a minor defect, a small divot in the vinyl on track #1 that still plays, but you'll hear a slight thump when the stylus passes over it. Due to this defect, we have lowered the price. We still believe this album can bring many hours of happiness to the listener!

This is an original, shrink wrapped, vinyl record from the LP era, not a recent re-make. This LP was discontinued years ago and we have limited quantities. They are available on a first come first serve basis.
These album covers were scanned through the shrink wrap, so you may see reflections, crinkling, and blurring that are not on the actual cover.