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Norteno Accordion 1 Tex-Mex Vol. 4 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPFL9006

Price: $20.00

Folklyric LP 9006
This is an original, shrink wrapped, vinyl record from the LP era, not a recent re-make. This LP was discontinued years ago and we have limited quantities. They are available on a first come first serve basis.
These album covers were scanned through the shrink wrap, so you may see reflections, crinkling, and blurring that are not on the actual cover.

Side A

La Liebre Ligera – Estanislado Salazar y Hermanos Mier
Adelita – Roberto Rodriguez y Clemente Mendoza
Flor Marchita – Narciso Martinez
La Cucaracha – Flores y Montalvo
La Bien Polviada – Jesus Casiano
Los Siete Pasos – Bruno Villareal
Salvador – Narciso Martinez
Dispensa el Arrempujon – El Flaco

Side B

La Nopalera – Santiago Jimenez
El Zacatal – Jose Rodgriguez
El Tecolote – Narciso Martinez
El Golfo – Lolo Cavazos
La Gardenia – Lolo Cavazos
La Cascada – Bruno Villareal
Las Perlas – Narciso Martinez
La Petacona – Jose Rodriguez