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J'ai ete Au Bal (I Went To The Ball) - Various Artists

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 J'ai ete Au Bal (I Went To The Ball)
The Cajun and Zydeco Music of Louisiana.

A film by Les Blank, Chris Strachwitz & Maureen Gosling Narrated by Barry Jean Ancelet and Michael Doucet.

84 minutes + 30 Minutes of Previously Unreleased "lost & found" footage.


Historic Sequences about: Joe Falcon, Amede Ardoin, Iry LeJeune, Harry Choates and more. Special DVD Features include: 30 additional minutes of bonus footage, Audio Commentary by the filmmakers, scene access and credits, why the films were made, reviews and honors, about the filmmakers, production stills, & detailed scene info.

Features Performances by:

Clifton Cheneir
Queen Ida
Walter Muton
Rockin’ Sidney
The Balfa Brothers
Marc & Ann Savoy
D.L. Menard
Nathan Abshire
Michael Doucet & Beausoleil
John Delafose
Wayne Toups
“Bois Sec” Ardoin
Chuck Guillory
The Hackberry Ramblers
Dennis McGee
Boozoo Chavis
Odile Falcon
Canray Fontenot
Paul Daigle & Cajun Gold
and others.



“An exuberant tribute to the continuing vitality of Louisiana’s Cajun and Zydeco music... (Illuminated by) passion, humor and common sense... The one thing common to all of (Les Blank’s) films is the superior journalist’s gift for being able to share his enthusiasms without seeming to manipulate the subjects... Guaranteed to send everyone out of the theatre feeling good and probably better.”

(Vincent Canby — The New York Times)

“J’AI ETE AU BAL is such an infectious music film on Louisiana French and Zydeco music that it’s hard to stay seated... It is a feast of folkloric scholarship, human history, regional color and irresistible music, an inspiring 'must-see’ for anyone interested in American folkways or music. The film contains all the pertinent info... blended with wonderful performances and recollections of the various musicians... The Cajun sense of lost love comes through in almost all the songs, but if the theme is sad, the music is unusually exhilarating.”

(Peter Stack — San Francisco Chronicle)

“J’AI ETE AU BAL emerges as proof that a fascinating, deeply researched documentary film can be splendidly entertaining.”

(Philip Elwood — San Francisco Examiner)

“The combination of Strachwitz’s scholarship and Blank’s ever-keen appreciation of regional color and style make J’AI ETE AU BAL a model of its type, a must-see for lovers of roots and traditional music, and an eye-opener for anyone curious about American culture... Witty insightful narration... remarkable archival footage, creatively compiled and edited by Blank’s longtime collaborator Maureen Gosling... manages to capture all the eccentricity, authenticity and electricity that keep Cajun and Zydeco alive and kicking... Despite the abundance of material covered, never once does this fine film resemble a collection of clips and curios for the converted. Strachwitz’s rich research and Blank’s endearingly personal style keep J’AI ETE AU BAL alive and vital, just as Doucet and Rockin’ Doopsie and other Louisiana masters of Cajun and Zydeco do for the music they so love. See this movie and share their passion.”

(Terry Lawson — Dayton Daily News