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15 Louisiana Cajun Classics - Various Artists

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CD 103

Arhoolie's American masters is a mid-line sampler series culled from our full price CDs. Each CD features the best known artists of a particular musical genre. Inside the booklet each song is referenced to the CD it originally came from, with a photo mini of that CD cover and a listing of the artist's other Arhoolie CDs. Presented here are 15 classics from Louisiana Cajun country.

1. Le Jig Francais - Beausoleil (4:10)
2. Chere Te Mon - Nathan Abshire (2:38)
3. Port Arthur Blues - Wade Fruge (2:58)
4. J'ai Passe Devant Ta Porte - Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy & D.L. Menard (3:02)
5. Fiddle Stomp - Wallace “Cheese” Read (2:24)
6. Chicot Two-Step - California Cajun Orchestra (2:48)
7. Poor Hobo - Harry Choates (2:44)
8. Jolie Blonde - Hackberry Ramblers (2:40)
9. Two Step D'Amede - Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band (2:47)
10. Bernadette - Canray Fontenot (1:18)
11. Bosco Stomp - Austin Pitre (2:36)
12. La Robe Barree - Magnolia Sisters (3:15)
13. Basile Breakdown - Dewey Balfa with Nathan Abshire (3:19)
14. Grand Tasso - Michael Doucet (2:09)
15. Flames De'Enfer - Joe Falcon (4:35)


“ [This] is a fantastic collection of some of the best of the hard core Cajun music Chris Strachwitz has released over the years on Arhoolie. If you listen to this and remain unmoved by what Cajun music has to offer, you shouldn't bother looking any further. From reissued 78s to today's shining lights, you could do far worse than letting this represent Cajun music in your collection. And at a budget price! ”

(Mark Sustic — Champlain Folk Newsletter)