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Mariachi los Gavilanes de Oakland - Corrido Del Mono

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CD 9050

Mariachi los Gavilanes [Hawks] de Oakland were a San Francisco Bay Area institution since before 1992, when they were first released by Arhoolie on cassette. Lupe Madrigal, usually playing guitarrón and singing, provided most of the organization and a lot more than his share of the spirit that made this 10 piece mariachi shine out among the other mariachis that made their living playing for private parties and working the tables of the bars and restaurants of the Bay Area barrios of East Oakland and Redwood City, California. The band has not been active in recent years.

Guadalupe Madrigal - leader, vocals (#7, 9) & guitarrón; Matías Fernándes - vocals (# 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, & 11) & vihuela; Vicente Ortega - vocals (#1, 7, 10 & 11) & guitar; Manuel Ramos, Alfredo Araiza, & Jose Luis Corza - trumpets; Gabino Garita - 1st violin; Fidencio Moreno - 2nd violin; Fidencio Valderrama - 3rd violin; Emiliano Preciado - vocal (#2, 9) & 3rd violin

1.No Compro Amores (I Don't Buy Love)(Vals-Ranchera)
2.San Juan Huetamo (Son)
3.Me Lo Dijo Mi Madre (My Mother Told Me)(Vals-Ranchera)
4.Corrido Del Mono (Tragedia en Palo Alto)(Ballad of the Monkey)(The Tragedy in Palo Alto)(Corrido)
5.Tragedia De Heraclio Bernal (The Tragedy of Heraclio Bernal)(Corrido)
6.El Ranchero Chido (The Elegant Rancher)(Cumbia) — Download the FREE MP3
7.Los Traficantes de Michoacán (The Traffickers of Michoacán)(Corrido)
8.Las Higueras (The Fig Trees)(Ranchera)
9.El Terrequeteque (Son)
10.Cuando Juegue El Albur (When I Throw the Dice)(Vals-Ranchera)
11.Por Un Beso (For a Kiss)(Vals-Ranchera)
12.Arriba Pichataro (Son-Instrumental)


“Mariachi los Gavilanes de Oakland, one of the better-known mariachi bands from the Bay Area, recorded Corrido del Mono in 1990, and it has previously been released only on cassette.  The 10-member group features three violinists and three trumpet players, and the vocals are shared by a couple of lead singers who also play guitar, guitarron, and vihuela.  The album comes with the original notes, which are excellent, and with translated lyrics.”         

–Paul-Emile Comeau, Dirty Linen