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Banda Salvatierra - Asi Es La Vida

CAT. #: 9049

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CD 9049

1) Ya No Me Busques Mas
2) La Gran Mujer
3) Mi Esperanza
4) Aquel Amor
5) La Basurita
6) Asi Es La Vida
7) No Te Vayas
8) Que Suerte La Mia
9) Corrido De Malverde
10) Laurita Garza
11) Asi Es La Vida (Remix)

Banda Salvatierra is a fine, young, popular 13 piece banda (brass band) from Northern California with vocals in the Banda Sinaloense tradition.

CD 9049


Asi Es La Vida – 9049

“Since the front and back photo of Asi Es la Vida shows 16 people, it's probably not surprising that the album has a bigger than life sound.

Trumpets and tubas provide Banda Salvatierra with more cushioning than a German oompah band during Octoberfest. Salvatierra's spirited vocals thrive in this heavy mix, matching the lively instrumental accompaniment with his vibrant, full-throated style. As one might expect from such an exuberant approach, the songs — "Aquel Amor," "La Gran Mujer," and "La Basurita" — are upbeat and infectious, the kind of music one might play at a wedding party or some similar festive event. The arrangements, while dominated by horns, also include lively percussion, pushing songs like the title cut and "Corrido de Malverde"into a rhythmic frenzy. While this heady mixture of multiple horns, percussion, and a singer might seem like too much, everything works together admirably, and even busy songs like "Que Suerte la Mia" and the "Asi Es la Vida-Remix," never sound noisy. Salvatierra's overall approach also benefits from the two-to-three minute-length of each song, which guarantees that none of these pieces ever overstays its welcome.

Asi Es la Vida is a fun, contagious album, and a good introduction to Salvatierra.”

– Ronnie D. Lankford Jr., AllMusic.com