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Isidro Lopez - 15 Original Hits

CAT. #: 9042

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CD 9042

Isidro Lopez - vocals and alto sax with accompaniment by his orchestra - unless otherwise noted.
Isidro Lopez is the acknowledged father of Tejano Music. His appealing, smooth yet emotional voice, charismatic personality and straight ahead saxaphone sound fronting a distinctly Tejano dance orchestra turned Isidro Lopez into the brightest star on the emerging Tejano music scene of the late 1950's.

1.Tarde pa' arrepentirnos (ranchera) 2:50
2.La bicicleta (ranchera) 2:37
3.Inconsolable (bolero) w/ Conjunto de Tony De La Rosa 2:27
4.La Calloza (polka) 2:40
5.Comprende CariÒo (vals ranchera) 3:00
6.Quin va a pensar (ranchera) 2:20
7.A ver si me olvidas (vals ranchera) 2:33
8.Sufriendo y penando (ranchera) 2:17
9.La tripa (chivirico) w/ Juan Colorado's Orchestra 2:30
10.Emocion Pasajera (ranchera) 2:12
11.Y (bolero) 2:58
12.Marcho Rock & Roll (rock & roll) 2:25
13.Mala Cara (rock-ranchera) 2:29
14.La Hiedra (danzÛn) 3:13
15.Nuevo Contrato (ranchera) 2:23


“In the mid-50s, Isidro Lopez became the father of modern Tejano music (now known as classic Tejano) by combining traditional Mexican music and instrumentation (accordion) with a ‘big-band sound’…While Lopez always makes his vocal presence felt, it’s on the vals rancheras where he unleashes his best gut-wrenching passion into a tearful, emotive performance.”

-Dan Willging, Dirty Linen