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Las Hermanas Segovia - Punaladas De Amor

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CD 9028

Pioneers of Tex-Mex / Norteño Music.
These tracks feature the incredibly emotive duets of the Segovia Sisters, who sang about love, betrayal, heartbreak, and all of the other great themes of rural music! These duets exemplify the hard-hitting sound of the women of the Texas/Mexican border region, with their big voices, blunt honesty, and haunting melodies.

1. La Pretenciosa (Ranchera) (The pretentious one)
2. Ando Pasando Trabajos (Ranchera) (I'm working it out)
3. Ya Me Voy (Bolero) (I'm leaving)
4. Tu Diras (Ranchera) (It's up to you)
5. Carinito Idolatrado (Cancion Fox) (I idolize your love)
6. Jesus Leal (Corrido) (The ballad of Jesus Leal)
7. Chatita Mia (Ranchera) (My little sweetheart)
8. Sin Derecho Y Sin Razon (Ranchera) (Without rights or reason)
9. Tu Condena (Ranchera) (Your sentence)
10. Hoy Te Digo Adios (Ranchera) (Today I say good-bye)
11. El Pajarillo Pelon (Ranchera) (The bald bird)
12. Que Te Echen La Tierra Encima (Ranchera) (Let them throw dirt on you)


“These dozen sides were issued by the Ideal and Falcon labels between 1950 and 1956… Most of these are swaying, plaintive rancheras with typical 1950s norteño backing, spotlighting the close and cheerful harmonies of the sisters (in varying combinations). A couple of tracks, however, really stick out for their incorporation of different pop influences. ‘Ya Me Voy,’ a bolero from 1953, has a most attractive rhumba-like beat, along with tooting horn and smooth, beguiling electric guitar, reflecting Cuban and Latin American pop music trends of the era.”