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Conjunto Bernal (Paulino Bernal) - Mi Humilde Corazon

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CD 9021

Not content to play conjunto music as it was already being played, Paulino Bernal introduced new vocal harmonies and played the accordion as it had never been played before. Paulino and his brother Eloy led the top conjunto in the 1960's. These tracks, from the Ideal label, show why Bernal's reputation stands among the best of conjunto music.

1. Mi Humilde Corazon
2. Mujer Santa
3. Myrta
4. Mas Pierdes Tu
5. Ya Estoy Pagando
6. Mala Mujer
7. Contestacion A Mujer Paseada
8. Es Por Eso
9. Marina
10. Chacha Linda
11. Carta De Siete Hojas
12. Cuando Bebo
13. El Tarimaro
14. Tu Que Sabes
15. Porque Me Anganaste
16. Linda Nora


“Not until brothers Paulino and Eloy Bernal burst onto the scene had harmonies occupied such a prominent place in the accordion driven, conjunto music synonymous with the Tex-Mex border sound.  Known as Conjunto Bernal, beginning in the 1950s, the brothers Bernal along with their band took conjunto music to places it had never been before turning it up a notch and bringing into greater focus vocal harmonies and a more feverish style of accordion.  Mi Humilde Corazon gathers 16 prime, circa-1955-56 tracks originally recorded for the South Texas-based Ideal Records label.  With the spotlight on the innovative and highly stylish accordion work of Paulino Bernal, Mi Humilde Corazon captures the brothers at the height of their game kicking out a fast-paced flurry of polkas-and-then-some all of which helped make them the toast of the scene.”

-Dan Ferguson, Time Out