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Donald Thibodeaux - Fred's Hot Step

Cod.artículo: 9006

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CD 9006

Donald Thibodeaux, fine accordionist and singer, leads "Cajun Fever" which supplies the music at Fred's Lounge in Mamou, La. every Saturday morning for a weekly radio broadcast and festivities! This unusual, older style Cajun band, stresses ensemble playing much like a jazz band. Their sound harkens back to the 1950s, the honky tonk sound made for dancing. Along with the solid accordion of its leader, "Cajun Fever" features Phillip Alleman - who is a Cajun legend and recorded with Aldous Roger for 23 years following in the footsteps of Rodney Miller - on steel guitar and vocals. Allen M. Ardoin is on fiddle, John H. Dies on drums, and Ernest Thibodeaux on guitar.

1. Fred's Hot Step
2. La Bouteille (The Bottle)
3. Pine Grove Blues
4. Chere Petite
5. Fifi Poncheaux
6. La Valse De Cajin
7. Lacassine Special
8. Louisiana Rambler's Waltz
9. Old Fashioned Two-Step
10. Quit Making A Fool Of Myself
11. Chere Tout Toute
12. The Pardon Waltz
13. J'ai Ete Au Bal
14. Les Flammes D'enfer


“...they all play deep-rooted, old style cajun music, where everything comes from the heart, even at the fastest of tempos. This is a hard, tough music, played by a band whose solos are always aimed at driving along the tune and the dance, never conceived as mere flashy displays of speed. Donald Thibodeaux says, 'I'll give up the music before I'll change it.' Ai-yee-yaille, cher. This one's a keeper.”

(Chris Smith — Blues Rhythm)