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Hackberry Ramblers - Early Recordings: 1935-1950

Cod.artículo: 7050

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CD 7050

Luderin Darbone - fiddle & vocal; Lennis Sonnier - vocals & guitar; Floyd Rainwater - guitar & vocals; Lonnie Rainwater - steel guitar; Joe Werner - harmonica, guitar & vocals; Pete Duhon - bass; Johnny Puderer - bass; Danny Shreve - guitar; Floyd Shreve - guitar & vocals; etc...
The early music of the Hackberry Ramblers was an original and marvelous blend of Cajun and Western Swing, all propelled by the tremendous fiddle playing of Luderin Darbone. The moods move from weepy country to exuberant Bayou in this incredible collection of the historic first recordings of the Hackberry Ramblers.

1. Jolie Blonde
2. Just Once More
3. You've Got To Hi-De-Hi
4. Mermentau Stomp
5. J'ai Passe Devonde Ta Porte
6. Vinton High Society
7. J'ai Pas Bien Fey
8. Wondering
9. Rice City Stomp
10. On Top Of The World
11. Jolie Fille
12. Aneath The Weeping Willow Tree
13. J'ai Pres Parley
14. Dissatisfied
15. Drifting Along
16. One Sweet Letter
17. One Step De L'amour
18. Fais Pas Ca
19. Louisiana Breakdown
20. Darbone's Creole Stomp
21. A Little Rendezvous In Honolulu
22. Darbone's Breakdown
23. Mon Cour Me Fais Ci Mal
24. Hackberry Trot
25. Tu Vas Pluerie
26. Silver Star Stomp


“Feisty fiddler Luderin Darbone formed his still-active Hackberry Ramblers in 1931.  The band’s eclectic repertoire draw[s] on Cajun, Western swing and early country sources…Darbone, a nimble, percussive fiddler who adroitly veers from plucking to bowing, is accompanied by a varying line-up of musicians and singers on this generously timed archival release.”

-Gary von Tersch, Sing Out!