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El Ciego Melquiades - San Antonio House Party

Cod.artículo: 7045

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CD 7045

El Ciego Melquiades - fiddle with unknown guitar, violoncello, and string bass (clarinet on track #7). Recorded in San Antonio, Texas, between 1935 and 1950.
El Ciego is a bit of a mystery, as not much is known about "the Blind Fiddler." But this classic fiddle music that he recorded is truly delightful.

1. El Gato Negro (Polka)
2. Las Tres Elviras (Mazurka)
3. La Gripa (Polka)
4. Alma Del Alma (Vals)
5. Dias Felices (Polka)
6. Beatriz (Vals)
7. Todos Ellos (Two Step)
8. Pancho Villa (Polka)
9. Que Tomas (Two Step)
10. Felicitas (Polka)
11. La Boradita (Polka)
12. Tuyo O De Nadie (Vals)
13. Concha (Polka)
14. Isabel (Vals)
15. Mary (Polka)
16. Para Mi Y Para Mi Novia (Vals Fox Trot)
17. Luz (Polka)
18. Muchachas Modernas (Vals Fox Trot)
19. Virginia (Polka)
20. Manuelita (Polka)


“The 1930s saw important changes within the popular Mexican-American east Texas music scene.  With the introduction of the more potent accordion, traditional country dance and house party conjunto fiddlers like Melquiades Rodriguez faded into commercial obscurity.  The colorful era of small ‘orquestas tipicas’ and rural string bands was rapidly vanishing. 

This release presents the oft-recorded Rodriguez in his heyday.  Aside from a pair of last-gasp efforts from 1949, the remaining eighteen selections span 1935-38 and were released for border distribution by local labels.

From passionate polkas and crying waltzes to the occasional mazurka and spirited, bouncy two-steps, Rodriguez’s celebratory, instantly accessible fiddle work is packed with bright tonal patterns and a Bosch-like intensity.”

– Gary von Tersch, Sing Out!