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Early Klezmer - Various Artists

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CD 7034

Klezmer Music is more popular today than ever before. Here are the roots, the first recordings made from 1908 to 1927. This collection was compiled by Dr. Martin Schwartz, one of the foremost authorities on Klezmer Music, and the booklet contains his extensive notes.

This collection represents a diversity of excellent early recordings, most of them acoustic, including reproductions of rare European and American discs. They also showcase solos on a variety of instruments.

1. Doina And Hora - Jacob Hoffman With Kandel's Orchestra
2. Sirba - Orchestra Orfeon
3. Mechutonim Tantz - Abe Schwartz
4. Kallarash - Naftule Brandwein And His Orchestra
5. Yiddish Chusedel - Max Leibowitz/Philip Friedman
6. Kleftico Vlachiko - Orchestra Goldberg
7. Fihren Die Mechutonim Aheim - Naftule Brandwine/Abe Schwartz Orchestra
8. Koilen - Mishka Ziganoff
9. Ch'Sidishe Nigunim (Part 1) - Boibriker Kapelle
10. Haneros Haluli - H. Steiner
11. Sadigurer-Chusid - Joseph Moskowitz/Max Yussim
12. Doina (Part 1) - S. Kosch
13. Doina (Part 2) - S. Kosch
14. Turkische Yalle Vey Uve - Naftule Brandwein's Orchestra
15. Sadegurer Chussed'l - Abe Schwartz Orchestra
16. Biem Reben's Sideh - Abe Schwartz Orchestra
17. Oi Tate, S'is Gut - Naftule Brandwein's Orchesrta
18. Schweir Und Schwiger Tanz - Abe Schwartz Orchestra
19. Rumanische Fantasien (Part 1) - Joseph Solinski
20. Khosidl - Belf's Rumanian Orchestra
21. Der Shtiller Bulgar - Abe Schwartz Orchestra
22. A Mitzve Tenzel - Hochman's Orchestra
23. National Hora (Part II) - Abe Schwartz/Sylvia Schwartz
24. Sher (Part II) - Abe Schwartz Orchestra


“The compilation takes some of the best these giants had to offer. It's a wonderful primer for anyone largely unfamiliar with some of the oldest klezmer still available, and a necessary addition for those who haven't gotten around to filling in their collection with recordings by any of these masters.”

(Ed Silverman — Dirty Linen)