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Ukrainian Village Music - Various Artists

Cod.artículo: 7030

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CD 7030

Restored recordings drawn from historic 78rpm discs.

1. Dowbush Kozak - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
2. Newelnik - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
3. Tramla Z Pod Pagorka - Orchestra Bratia "Holutiaky-Kuziany"
4. Chytry Tanecne Cardasy - Orchestra Bratia "Holutiaky-Kuziany"
5. Kolomyjka Powitowa (Part 1) - Ewgen Zukowsky
6. Kolomyjka Powitowa (Part 2) - Ewgen Zukowsky
7. Daliwskyj Tanec - Samuil Pilip's Lemkiwska Orchestra
8. Skrypka Hraje, Bas Hude - Samuil Pilip's Lemkiwska Orchestra
9. De Ty Buw, Janiczku? - Samuil Pilip's Lemkiwska Orchestra
10. Kozak Dla Molodych - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
11. Zalaniwska Hreczka - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
12. Pidkamecka Kolomyjka - Josef Pizio
13. Ruzia Kaczky Zahaniala - Josef Pizio
14. Polka "Czariwnyj Kaminetz" - Josef Pizio
15. Kozaczka Szumka - Theodore J. Swystun
16. Kozak - Joseph Davidenko
17. Ebba - Trembita Orchestra
18. Nina Polka - Trembita Orchestra
19. Tanec "Husar" - Michala Thomasa/Ukrainska Orchestra
20. Pidhirska - Michala Thomasa/Ukrainska Orchestra
21. Zydiwoczka Na Seli - Petra Rosady & Ukrainska Orchestra
22. Shnel Polka - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
23. Marusia - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra
24. Kolomyjka Lubka - Ukrainska Selska Orchestra


“Wow! Another terrific release from Arhoolie. Again kudos to reissue producer Chris Strachwitz, editor Dick Spottswood and the technicians who cleaned up those musty 78s to give us a crisp, clear window into the past the sound is impeccable. Earlier reissues have featured the `dean' of Ukrainian fiddling, Pawlo Humeniuk (on one cut here), who had classical training. The lead fiddlers on this disc all appear to be self-trained village musicians with a ton of fire, piss and vinegar (they probably were fueled by liquor, as the entertaining notes allude). Most of the bands feature a lead fiddle with fiddle accompaniment (a la Hungarian kontra, chordal backing) and bowed bass. Some also feature the cymbaly (like a hammered dulcimer) and percussion, much like a bodhran. All the two dozen selections excited me but none as much as the three by Josef Pizio (I'd love to hear more of him), as he changed from 3/4 to 2/4 in his Lemko (West Ukraine) numbers. Highly recommended for fans of ethnic fiddling. This has similarities to Polish and Hungarian playing and is a sheer joy.”

(Kerry Belch — Victory Review)