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Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7027

Price: $15.00

CD 7027

This CD is a sampler of the finest Hawaiian recording artists from the Golden Age (1927-1938) of acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. The styles here range from turn-of-the-century military ragtime to hot `moderne' swing style. Along the way there are all sorts of traditional Hawaiian hulas with light and heavy tempos, and some beautiful vocals.

1.PaloloSol Hoopii Trio (3:13)
2.Fort Street
Madame Riviere's Hawaiians (3:22)
Kalama's Quartet (3:21)
4.St. Louis Blues
Jim & Bob (2:51)
5.Spanish Shawl
The Three Jacks (2:55)
6.La Rosita
Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians (2:55)
7.Honolulu Bound
King Nawahi (2:46)
8.Black Boy Blues
King Nawahi (2:49)
9.Hawaiian Melody
King Nawahi (2:30)
10.White Birds
Hawaiian Orchestra (3:15)
Kane's Hawaiians (3:21)
12.Melodias Populares Mexicana
Trio De Hawaii (2:47)
Palakiko & Paaluhi (2:46)
14.Hula Girl
Sol Hoopii Quartet (4:02)
Honolulu Players (2:44)
16.Wabash Blues
Tubize Royal Hawaiian Orchestra (3:05)
17.Lei E
Kalama's Quartet (3:11)
18.Hawaiian Cowboy
Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians (2:53)
19.The Song Of The Range
Jim & Bob (3:05)
20.Indiana March
Roy Smeck's Tropical Serenaders (2:52)
Sam Ku West (3:00)
22.Mai Givee
Hoot Gibson (3:01)
23.Lepe Ulaula
Sam Alama & His Hawaiians (2:56)
24.Hula Shake That Thing
Kaai Serenaders (3:00)
25.Na Mo Kueha
Hoot Gibson (2:22)
26.Ticklin' The Strings
Mena Moeria Minstrels (2:49)


“Those of you familiar with Sol Hoopii, and Benny Nawahi will already own some of the music on this CD but even you will want it for the fifteen tracks that you won't have heard before. Essential for anyone wanting to extend their repertoire and leave the Moana Chimes/Hula Girl brigade behind and join the moderns. Who do I mean? Well all those who learned to play Hawaiian music by dropping a needle onto the next two releases when they were in vinyl form. Not quite true in fact because although you might own two vinyl LPs with the same titles as these CDs they do, in fact, contain different tracks. Not only that, but an added attraction is that this time they have all been put through the hiss and pop remover machine to give us sparkling clean sound restoration.

That's quality, what about the content? These are curious artifacts. It was through the two volumes which are compounded onto the Steel Guitar Classics CD that we were first made aware of the existence of 78s of Hawaiian music by people like Sol Hoopii, Jim and Bob, and King Bennie Hawahi.”

(Maika Kupa — Folk Roots)