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Texas-Czech, Bohemian - Moravian Bands - Various Artists

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CD 7026

This is Texas music with that unmistakable southwest flavor and swing. It is also music from the old country central Europe, where the polkas, waltzes, marches, mazurkas, and other folk dances originated. These recordings, made between 1929 and the late 1950s, are energetic, joyful, sometimes sentimental, hybrid dance music, played by mostly amateur musicians, often members of family bands, who have kept many of these melodies and songs alive for the past hundred years or more. Lyle Lovett fell in love with this CD and played it over the PA system at various concerts as the public filed in!

1. Dratenik - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
2. Lesni Zabava - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
3. Pisnicka Ceska - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
4. March Prodana Nevesta - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
5. Ja Jsem Mlada Vdova - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
6. Vzpominky Z Mladi - Adolph Pavlas & His Bohemians
7. Rozvedena - Adolph Pavlas & His Bohemians
8. Okolo Mesice - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
9. Zvadla Ruze - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
10. Dobrunoc - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
11. Stara Konska Brana - Bacova's Ceska Kapela
12. Red Raven Polka - Julius Dietert's Band
13. Krasna Amerika - Joe Patek's Orchestra
14. Shiner Song - Joe Patek's Orchestra
15. Mozna Ze Jo Ze Ne - Joe Patek's Orchestra
16. Wheel Barrow Polka - Joe Patek's Orchestra
17. Sekerecka - Frank Hermanek's Band
18. Happy Go Lucky Polka - Adolph Hofner
19. Prune Waltz, The - Adolph Hofner
20. Barbara Polka - Adolph Hofner
21. Green Meadow Waltz - Adolph Hofner
22. Shiner Song (Farewell To Prague) - Adolph Hofner
23. Barbara Polka - Benny Brosh & His Orchestra
24. Circling Pigeons Waltz - John R. Baca's Orchestra
25. Musikanti Pojdte Hrat - Ray Krenek's Orchestra
26. Oneida Polka - Bill Mraz Orchestra
27. Corrido Rock - Joe Patek's Orchestra


“This mammoth 77-minute, 27-track CD is an entertaining excursion into Central European Music after it migrated to the U.S. Southwest. The German accordion's influence on Cajun and Hispanic cultures has already been well-documented, but here we can hear how the musical content of those immigrant cultures was infused into existing musics of Texas. These are top-notch polkas, waltzes, and marches played by bands that feature brass and reeds and violins and even hammered zither instruments. The Baca family, the Hofner family and Joe Patek's Ork. are prominently featured, and probably were the most influential in the community that exists even today in Texas. Adolph Hofner is the best-known of these musicians because of his side trip into Western Swing. This CD pleases me greatly.”

(Kerry Blech — Victory Review)